Sin Is A Parasite


Forsake your folly and live, and proceed in the way of understanding.”

~Proverbs 9:6, NASB


Folly and sin are always parasitic of the good that God has created.

~Robert Van Leeuwen

We live in a culture that has become increasingly ungodly and relativistic. Moral relativism, the god of the day, insist that every person has a right to create their own moral values and no one can tell them how to live. Yet these very people have determined that there are exceptions and they focus on three major things: racism, sexism and oppression. They insist that these three values are for everyone. Wait just a cotton picking minute: aren’t they talking out of both sides of their mouth. If no one has a right to tell me how to live, why can’t I be a racist or a male chauvinist? Oh, but that is wrong, that is repulsive: well, I would have to agree but so is killing babies. But I am not allowed to say that killing babies is immoral or that Adam and Steve shacking up like Adam and Eve is vile and repulsive. What hypocrites!

If there is no God and no moral absolutes established by HIM, then there is no sin or should I say, “No one to define sin.” The very nature of sin is to suck the life out of the good things God has created. Marriage is the first institution God created and justifiable so: it is the foundation of society. Nothing would please Satan more than to destroy the family and that is exactly what sexual perversion does. The very folks who deny the existence of God turn right around and lay down moral absolutes. Racism is absolutely wrong and cannot be tolerated! Is this not what the left is preaching. Racism and oppression must be stomped out and if that involves the destruction of a nation controlled by white males, so be it. The left is both ungodly and unamerican. If a white man pinched a female inappropriately at any time in his life, it is an unpardonable sin–according to the left. Do you think a woman has ever pinched a man inappropriately? I can assure you, it has happened. But that is different they say–how so? Do we have a double standard here: one for white men and one for everyone else? According to the leftist dictionary: “anyone who is a member of one of the oppressed groups [minorities, women, foreigners, sexual perverts] gets a free pass.”

In this going to hold up in court, the SUPREME COURT? Do you think God will give a free pass to anyone based on race or gender. Sin is sin as God defines it and it will be accounted for in full. This is why we all need Jesus.

God good news, and I love good news, while I was driving home from Athens last night–John Wydner does not have to have any treatment. They got it all and are simply going to keep a watch on things. No chemo! PTL

Bible Study in Athens going good: this is a phenomenal Church and the only one I know who still does January Bible Studies. I can remember when every SBC in the county did them. I taught 3-4 per year in the old days. You wouldn’t believe their attendance. I think, not sure, this makes 21 years in a row. I know one thing, I am blessed and I want to give God praise for John’s good news and for the Sardis Springs Baptist Church letting me lead in their bible study.

Don’t know about you, but we could use a little sunshine at 1120. One way or the other, we are going to praise the LORD.

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