Stink-Stirring Propaganda


A perverse person stirs up conflict.

~Proverbs 16:28, NIV


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. “

~Joseph Goebbels

The left is not offended when they are associated with communism or socialism but they detest being compared to Hitler who was a fascist and yet they have taken a page right out of his play book–the use of propaganda. Hitler believed that lie repeated often enough over a long period of time could become a virtual reality. It will seem so real to people that they will believe it. What kind of person uses propaganda? The Hebrew word translated ‘perverse’ in the NIV can be translated ‘fraudulent’. My Psalm for yesterday was 140 and it begins like this… O Lord, rescue me from wicked men. Protect me from violent men, who plan ways to harm me. All day long they stir up conflict. Their tongues wound like a serpent; a viper’s venom is behind their lips. Of all the organized evils, we followers of Christ and lovers of freedom face; which do you rate public enemy number one. Is it the White House? Is it congress or the courts? Is it Hollywood, entertainment or professional sports? Is it mega corps like Apple, Walmart, GE, etc.? Is it education, especially higher education and the NEA? Now there is no doubt that all these entities have been fully politicized. Like it or not, the NFL is just another arm of the Democratic Party. You know the Supreme Court is not unbiased; it too learns far left.

All these evils are great. The NFL has a huge fan base made up of football first individuals. Public education bows to the NEA although the great majority of teaches in the South don’t agree with their agenda. We are teaching lies in school. They are glorifying Kennedy and King and villainizing Washington and Jefferson. Even I was taught that America is a democracy and this is not true: it is a Republic and is stated clearly in our pledge of allegiance. Lies are a deadly poison and we should not forget that our arch enemy has the power to kill, steal and destroy and the lie may be his favorite tool. I think the number one public enemy is the MEDIA. By and large, with a few exceptions, the media is corrupt and they spew out one lie after the other. I know who watches the nightly news relentlessly, they are easy to spot. The chief characteristic to look for is ‘fear’. They have absorbed so much propaganda that they believe it is reality.

I am not a fan of Jimmy Fallon but Rick and Bubba mentioned him the other morning. Jimmy is another far left cool-aid drinker. He has swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker. He condemns the very America that gave him to freedom to become a millionaire. He is cutting off his nose to spite his face. He is one of many fools that flood the air ways with incessant propaganda and the poor dupe believes he is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Satan and the Sadducees are setting in the shadows licking their chops. The higher powers know that the left is propagating lies but it suits their purpose which is to kill, steal and destroy. If they succeed in destroying the REPUBLIC, you can kiss your civil liberties good bye. Someone needs to tell Jimmy that being a millionaire will no longer put you among the elites. The elites these days are billionaires like Soros, Zuckerman, Bloomberg, Moskovitz, Blavatnik and then a host of Gentiles like the Walton triplets. Covid didn’t hurt the Walton’s, did it? I wonder why? The elites sit at the top of the food chain and they profit from everything including, war, calamity, and pandemics. I personally would not be shocked if they didn’t have a hand in the creation of Covid. Of course it would be a clandestine operation with no bread crumbs. Their time is coming: they cannot con Yahweh.

It is good to be back on line. My annual fees for my domain name were due but that was not the only problem. I want to thank Catfish for working things out. He had to deal with the folks at Liverpool. I entertained thoughts that I might be being censored but I was wrong or at least that is how it appears. Anyway, I could not get on my web site for over a week.

I have to praise the LORD for another great day…God is good, what can I say! I love the sabbath. It did get warm in our early service outside and we had a ton of visitors in the second service. Rebecca Morgan and her entire family was there along with a host of others. Doug did a fantastic job and he also sang for the early service. We moved our July 4th service to 8:00 due to the heat. Hey, it is pretty toasty at 9:15. We have 40 kids going to Scott Dawson’s Summer Camp. PTL!

Also a big shout of praise for DBC on another successful VBS. Average attendance was very close to 200 and they had a $5,100.00 offering to MISSIONS {Guatemala}. They also had a big turn out for their commencement service and picnic. Congrats to Joe David and Staff. Mandy and Shohn are outstanding VBS administrators. Everyone pray for Mrs. Edith Bennich who has been feeling poorly lately. Mrs. Edith is a big supporter of both DBC and The POINT.

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