Stop The Mouths Of The Lions


My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. 

~Daniel 6:22, NIV


Truly evil people don’t just hurt others, they take pride in hurting others.

~Image Quotes

I’ve added Amy Coney Barrett to my prayer list. She is president Trump’s nominee for the supreme court. The left wasted no time in attacking this woman. Of course there is no shock here, the left is on the ropes and they are desperate. Abortion is the foundation of their agenda which is to destroy the Republic. If Roe V. Wade is overturned, and it will be, their house of cards will collapse. I pray daily for the Evil Wicked House of Abortion to fall, to implode with nothing left but dust and ashes. The left will fight every pro-life nominee that comes up. Obviously, I cannot shut them up. I have enough sense to tune them out but I can shut their lying mouths. Over and over, David uses the metaphor of the lion in reference to his enemies within the state. The lion is a vicious beast who has powerful jaws and sharp teeth. It has the ability to rip it’s victim apart. When the leftist of Daniel’s day got him thrown into the lions den, God sent an angel to stop the mouths of the lions. This is the miracle I am praying for: “God stop the mouths of the lions.”

You probably think this is a ridiculous prayer but I happen to believe that God can do anything. Prayer is a confession of need; it is our admission that we need divine intervention. I have no way of stopping abortion or shutting the lying mouths of the democrats but nothing is impossible with God. I am constantly asking Him to do impossible things. We are indebted to this woman for being willing to serve under these circumstances; the least we can do is lift her up daily in prayer. “God bless Amy Coney Barrett and thank you for her willingness to serve. Stop the mouths of the lions.”

I’m not just late today, I am very late: sorry about that! I usually go to bed early on Saturday night and come to the office on Sunday evening but I stayed up and watched the game so when I got home after lunch yesterday, I laid down to rest and I went to sleep. June got me up at 4:30 which was barely enough time to get ready for the evening service. I usually prepare Mondays blog on Sunday evening. Last night, I was just lazy. I could have come to the office but didn’t.

I need to give God some praise, actually, I need to give Him a lot. I am sure He helped me with both messages yesterday and I am extremely thankful. I must also confess that I love Moose and the band. Hailey and Charity sing like angels and the Moose is more talented than half of those on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. DBC is blessed. Little Bill is getting good on the drums. I give the entire band an A+.

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