Sublime Heights


Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature {flesh} urges you to do. 


“If you are rightly devoted to Jesus Christ, you have reached the sublime heights where no one notices you, all they notice is Christ in you.”

~Oswald Chambers

The first thing I must say is that the quote above by Oswald Chambers is astounding to me personally. I read it and reread it several times. Those two words “sublime heights” leaves me out. I don’t know where I am but it is not in the sublime heights.  I think Chambers may be on to something and I am not prepared to disagree with his statement but to be frankly honest, the flesh or my vanity is still a huge problem. There are times when I don’t care to be noticed but there are also times when I do want recognition.  I cannot lie, one of the thrills of being before new people is the compliments. I realize that a lot of this is flattery which isn’t worth a dime but even in my old age, I find myself longing for a compliment. It would not have to be a big thing; it could be something as simple as, “Preacher, God spoke to me today through your message.” I don’t know what everyone is saying but all I am hearing is “keep it short.” I have my moments of doubt when I wonder just how effective are the messages I preach. Deep down I know that God is greater than my inadequacy and He is going to use me one way or the other but I prefer to be used in a positive way. I want my life to count and my messages to mean something to someone, even if it is only one.

One of the sorriest sermons I ever preached was on a Sunday night in Lawrence County {2017}. I have learned not to dwell on a strike out; just get ready for the next at bat. I went home that Sunday night feeling the embarrassment of a flop but then my phone went off and when I answered, a young man from the church where I had preached told me, “Bro. Jack, that message tonight was for me.” I listened as he shared his testimony. That phone call helped me put that bad sermon behind me.

But even deeper than my desire to be affirmed is a longing for the SUBLIME HEIGHTS. I would much rather people see Jesus than me. It is like the story of the little boy who was a PK {preacher’s kid}. He ask his dad, “Who is bigger dad, you or Jesus?” The dad gave the theologically correct answer–He said, “Son, Jesus is the biggest.” The the kid looked at him and said, “If Jesus is bigger than you, shouldn’t he stick out?” When Jesus took Peter, James and John to the mount of transfiguration, the divinity in Jesus stuck out. If I understand what Chambers is talking about, the SUBLIME HEIGHTS is when Jesus is so dominant that people see HIM rather than us. It is when His glory comes out. The thought is humbling to me. John the Baptist had the same concept–He said, “He {Jesus} must increase and I {John} must decrease.” That is hard on the ego but I know deep in my heart that John is right. I love John the Baptist. He was politically incorrect, he didn’t like traffic and he didn’t wear a suit and tie. He called Herod out just like Mother Theresa called Clinton out. I am sorry, I digressed. Too much jack and not enough Jesus. LORD help me, by grace, to reach the SUBLIME HEIGHTS.


I will have to devote a blog to John the Baptist one of these days. I will work on that–he is one of my heroes. When people get on me about calling our these corrupt politicians, I just point to John. That ends the conversation.

I was looking for one thing and found another. I found an old DIGEST {January 2000}. Our total Mission gifts for 1999 was $68,714.62. If I have my facts right, DBC is now giving around 30% to missions which is fantastic. The estimated total projected for 2033 is over $250,000.00. PTL, nothing could make me more thankful. By the way, we had a dinner theater that Feburary with special guest Gerald and Cindy Simmons. Do any of you remember the theater, I cannot remember a thing. I also taught the JBS at Friendship Baptist in Grand Bay that year: it was on the book of James. I don’t remember doing that either. Keith helped me with the concrete last Friday and he was telling me about his first job of helping someone do concrete, which was pouring the slab for his shop. I asked him who did it and he said, “You did.” Too much aspartame!

I have a burden this morning for Lincoln who is in St. Judes and having a very difficult time. June showed me the pic from Andrea’s FB post and it broke my heart. I want all of us to pray for Lincoln today. For any who may not know, Lincoln is a sophomore at Brewer high school.

Celebration of Life Service for Betty Depreast is today at 11:00 at pecks. Betty is one of our neighbors here in Rocky Ford. Her husband Louie worked with my brother and two brother-in-laws a Monsanto. Betty and Louie’s daughter Cindy talk Hannah in the first grade. Our prayers and sympathy to Louie, Cindy and Beth.

Visitation for Vardon Windsor is Friday night at Peck: 6:00-800. Celebration of life service is at Antioch Methodist at 11:00. Bro. Vandon was devoted to Christ and he was a prayer warrior. When I would visit him, I would kneel by his chair, have him place his hand on my head and pray for me. Even at age 92, he could quote scripture after scripture. I always felt honored to have him pray over me. June said on the way to church: “Dale’s father must have been a good man; everyone has good things to say about him.”   Bro. Windsor was promoted on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at Riverside Assisted Living.  He was born August 1, 1930, in Morgan County, to Herman Roosevelt Windsor and Annie Laura Humphrey Windsor.  He served the LORD for many years as a minister in the Methodist Church. He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. He was preceded in death by his wife, Hilda Jean Johnson Windsor and his parents.

Survivors include   

Sons –
Dale Windsor (Paula)
Dewane Windsor (Melanie)

Sister –
Francine Gilchrist (Skeggs)

Grandchildren –
Jenae Cox, Whitney Windsor (Jessica),
Paxton Windsor (Amanda) and Brooke Jenkins (Walker)

Great Grandchildren-
Loreali, Amelia and Ella Cox,
Daylen Cox, Grant Cox,
Courtney and Marley.

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