Swamp Rats


They speak worthlessness to one another;
With a flattering lip and with a double heart they speak.

~Psalms 12:2, LSB


He who speaks truth, stabs falsehood in the heart.

~Source Unknown

It is hard to win an election in Alabama if you are associated with the Democratic Party. The dems took a dramatic swing to the left after the Reagan years and so many democrats jumped ship to survive politically. Richard Rino Shelby was one of them. Shelby changed parties but he did not change his political philosophy. He is and was a pork barrel politician in the pocket of special interest and big business. He did not represent me or anyone who was not a member of a PAC. I understand there was a battle in the house last week concerning the next Speaker which is a very powerful position. Kevin McCarthy represents the swamp and we had about twenty men stand against him. There should be more than twenty. You could not get elected to the house if you ran as a pork barrel politician–anti Trump and pro swamp, but I am afraid that is what we have. Politicians pretending to be conservative when they are not. This is a form of deceit and it is despicable.

Pork barrel politics does pad the pockets of special interest but it is a killer when it comes to a balanced budget and fair taxes. June and I have paid in the neighborhood of 30,000 per year in federal taxes. They rob the poor and give to the rich, literally. The swamp is motived by self interest, not your interest or mine and, they have destroyed a good economy. The swamp has to be drained if we are to survive, but the only man with the courage to do it got shafted by the Rino’s.

What an irony, the media is attacking the conservative republicans in the house for not attending one year anniversary of the conservative rally in Washington which they call an insurrection. Only insurrection I’ve ever heard of where there were no weapons. Psalm 12 has the American media written all over it.


I usually save my political rants for Friday but I wrote this one last week and it is the only one in my folder. I will do better tomorrow LORD willing. I am terribly discouraged with Washington and I am not talking about George.

PTL for good news. Lincoln got to move to Huntsville. Keep praying for our cancer warriors.

God is good. The Rabbis talk about God’s 13 characteristics of mercy but there are only seven and they are found in Exodus 34:

  1. God is Compassionate
  2. God is Merciful
  3. God is Gracious
  4. God is slow to anger
  5. God abounds in loving kindness
  6. God is Holy {Judges sin}
  7. God is Truth

I praise Him for a good day. I am reading Job in the MESSAGE and this is the sentence that jumped out at me yesterday…come from Job 9… “Somehow, though He {God} right in front of me, I don’t see Him; quietly and surely He is active and I miss it.” I really believe this is true of me.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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