The Divine Conspiracy


But God knew what would happen, and his prearranged plan was carried out when Jesus was betrayed. With the help of lawless Gentiles, you nailed Him to a cross and killed Him.

~Acts 2:23, NLT


God has conspired to overcome evil with good in human history via the process–not suddenly or instantaneously.

~Dallas Willard

To be perfectly honest, I am heart sick over recent events. Our world is in a mess and its rebellion against Christ is clearly evident. We are under attack by the “Cultural Marxist” who want to destroy the REPUBLIC and replace it with a socialistic/communistic state. I will not lie: I am a bit afraid–maybe uneasy would be a better word. George Soros has to be licking his chops; he has successfully engineered a revolution by way of deception and propaganda. The media has been at his beckoning side since day one. We face a formidable foe, a cruel coalition make up of Hollywood, the media, the democrats and now professional sports. The first three we have known about for some time but many of us thought sports would remain independent and this is not the case. If the demos when in November, we can be assured they are going after our right to own firearms, our freedom of speech, freedom to assemble {worship} and our freedom to own property. Biden has stated publically, they are going to get our 401-K’s.

So, I will not lie, I pray daily for God to destroy the HOUSE OF ABORTION {the Marxist coalition}. I pray for a landslide victory. But I don’t always get what I ask for and yesterday I was thinking about the utter disappointment of losing the upcoming election and a lot of our civil liberties. This put me to thinking about the plight of the disciples and the crucifixion of Jesus. It was a very dark time for them and when Jesus was arrested and crucified, it literally crushed their hope. BUT God allowed it to happen and He knew all along that good, the greatest good, would come out of this horrific event. Churches in California are being persecuted right now and if the demos take the White House, it will happen here as well. No matter what happens or who wins the election: God is still in charge and He is working His plan. We may be like the disciples who were totally in the dark but be assured that God has a plan in place and He is working the plan. In the end, He is going to get glory and we will get heaven. Not only can I live with this truth, I can die with it! May His kingdom come!

Don’t give up on me, I will try my best to stick to theology the rest of the week. I know you are tired of the political rants.

It is hard to believe, September is here–Labor day one week away, Chloe Bugs birthday is in two weeks and fall comes in three weeks with college football in four weeks [we hope]. James Spann says we will see cool weather by the end of the week and we are probably going to get more rain. We have not had a cool/wet September in 40 years.

Tracey B is back, they touched down in Huntsville yesterday evening late. I haven’t received an update from Spencer. I know he is very busy. I appreciated all who prayed yesterday for her return. Keep praying!


Got word from Spencer minutes ago that Tracey has been admitted to HH where she is getting fluids and something for pain. To this point, they have not allowed a family member to be with her: PRAY that this changes.

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