The KISS Formula


There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

~Luke 10:42, NLT


Keep your life as simple as possible: your joy depends on it!

~Chriswell Freeman

One of the early pit falls in the preaching ministry is the tendency to preach too long. When I first started, my goal was to get up say a few words and sit down before I passed out but that stage doesn’t last long and within a year or two, I was preaching 45 minute sermons. My mother was the first to mildly rebuke me, she simply said, “Son, your sermons are too long.” Of course I was super spiritual in those days so I said, “If they are right with God, they will listen.” She said, “Who are you trying to reach, those who are right with God or those who are not?” Then she turned and walked away. She had a point, a valid point and I never forgot what she said. Brother Inman, my pastor and mentor tried to teach me the KISS formula: KEEP IT SHORT/SIMPLE, then he would grin and say, for some it would be keep it short stupid. Every preacher needs to realize his limitations. After Whitey’s COLS service the other day, one of the directors came to me and said, “I like hearing you speak. You messages are always so simple.” I’m not sure that was a compliment but I will take it as such.

The more we get involved in and the more plates we have spinning, the more complex and complicated our lives become. We live in a face paced world where simplicity has been kicked out the door. Each day becomes a battle of distractions. Martha was guilty of doing too much whereas Mary had narrowed her interest. Mary was focused on one thing {Jesus} and she was having a fun day. Martha was distracted by many things and she was having a miserable day. All the technological inventions have not helped. Joe David said in a recent sermon, the average person punches their cell phone 1,000 times per day. There is too much going on: too many ball games, TV, internet, video games, cell phones, etc. Too much snap chat, chit chat, Facebook, Tic-toc, TV, Twitter; we are a generation possessed by the trivial. We don’t have time for things that matter most. Unless you make a decision to disciple yourself, you will be left with no time to do what is most important. Horton Newby said 60 years ago that TV was the worse invention ever. In the old days, between quitting time and bed time, neighbors use to visit each other, sit on the front porch and have conversation: TV changed everyone. Mr. Horton said, “there is no need in going to see anyone anymore because they have their face glued to the TV.” I know people today who do not turn the TV off when company comes in. I make pastoral visits where people do not turn the TV off. I have even had them turn it up which is really edifying.

How do we prevent clutter? Every now and then you have to do a little house cleaning and get rid of some stuff or you will be overwhelmed by clutter.


I had another tip for house wives but I forgot what it was; I should have written it down.  I have not heard one thing from yesterday’s blog which tells me no one is reading it. I am down to one follower but she is a good one. Most of you know that I am an Alabama fan. The truth is, I wish I was not. I have given up pro sports. I watch a little on TV now and then but I don’t really care who wins and so when I do watch, I enjoy it because I don’t care. Not so with BAMA; I almost had a stroke Saturday and it is not going to get any better, not this year. I kept thinking that we were just making mistakes that we could correct but it is more than that; we don’t have the players. We have one maybe two stars on offense and one on defense. I have serious doubts that we can beat Auburn and we don’t have a prayer against Georgia. Their offensive and defensive lines will dominate us. We can’t match up. I am actually thankful for Georgia because they can beat Ohio State whom I loathe. We cannot beat them. I would love to be wrong but I am not. It is Bama first and South second. I will be a Georgia fan when they play Ohio State. We have won our share and we still have the best coach in history so how can I complain. We should have beaten A&M but Georgia is in a class all their own this year. I am not an Auburn fan but playing at their place is difficult. In some ways, they have better fans than Alabama. The Alabama fans got real quit last Saturday night: the Auburn fans never get quit, they never give up. They are loyal through and through. I guarantee you it will be a dog fight and we will get beat on some trick play, or the ball bouncing off of someone’s helmet right into their hands for a pick six. I have ask God to crush this idol. He may be doing exactly that and I am OK with it. There will be no football in heaven praise Jesus! I can guarantee you these folks battling stage 4 cancer are not worried about the game Saturday. A competitive nature can be a curse.

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