The Power of Words


The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored by the human race.

~Psalms 12:8, NIV


America is running on the momentum of a godly ancestry. When this momentum is gone, God help America!

J. Gresham Machem

Every now and then I come across a great quote that I am compelled to use. I think the quote by John Gresham Machem is right on target and he died in 1937, so what would he think if he seen what is going on today? Psalm 12 is a fascinating piece of literature; you would think that David was a contemporary with our own generation. David felt alone and isolated, the godly, the truth speakers, the faithful were shrinking. David said, “The godly are disappearing and the faithful are vanishing. No one tells the truth anymore. Neighbor lies to neighbor.” David prayed for God to judge deceitful people who use flattery to manipulate people and circumstances. Not only did they lie, they bragged about lying, “Our lips are our own, who can stop us.” Because of their lies, violence was committed against the most innocent member of society. Psalm 12:4 could be the motto for the democratic party…“We lie to our hearts content…and who can stop us!”

I can’t watch the news for obvious reasons but when I visit my neighbor Ray, he always has it on. I was there yesterday for a few minutes and guess what the topic of conversation was, you’ll never guess…linking Trump to the Russians. Continuing the investigation that has already cost tax payers million. I am absolutely amazed at what these lying democrats can get by with. They slandered judge Moore and stole a senate seat and nothing was said about the disgraceful way that they destroyed the reputation of a decorated Viet Nam veteran. The democrats would not recognize the truth if it bit them on the neck and they have the full support of the left-wing lame stream media. They use Hitler’s modus operandi; keep telling the same lie over and over until people began to believe it. They want TRUMP out of Dodge and they don’t care what it takes to accomplish their mission. He is a threat to their corrupt way of life. He knows they are parasites and he has the courage to get rid of them.

Go on line and read the last edition of IMPRIMIS. Richard Nixon, in his second term, won by a landslide and his goal was to dismantle the Washington bureaucracy [people appointed, not elected] that Roosevelt and his democratic successors had put in play to make sure their liberal policies were enacted no matter what the voters said at the polls. You know what they did to Nixon. The truth has not been told about Watergate. It was the Washington bureaucracy that started the ball rolling. A member of the FBI leaked the info to the demos and the press. They are doing the same thing to Trump that they did to Nixon. Trump says Washington is a swamp, I say it is a stinky toilet that needs to be flushed. Trump will flush it if he can get his hand on the handle. He has the courage to pull the plug and they know it. TRUMP needs our help. He needs our prayers. This den of iniquity is relentless just like their father. You do know who the father of lies is, don’t you.

One more thing: our government education will teach our kids that Nixon was a cheating crook and that Bill Clinton was a great president. They have already made the Kennedy’s an icon. Will the truth ever be told about the Kennedy’s? Not as long as this Washington bureaucracy is in power. Trump is the president and they will not tell him. We have a right to know the truth.

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Very impressed with Mississippi State campus. Congrats to Holden and Lexi.

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