The Prodigal In Proverbs


A man who loves wisdom brings joy to his father,
    but a companion of prostitutes squanders his wealth.

~Proverbs 29:3, NIV


To be a Christians means to forgive in inexcusable in others for God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.

~C.S. Lewis

The Prodigal Son in Proverbs, wow! You know I love the story of the Father who had two foolish sons but one of the reasons I love this story is that it is a picture of mankind, all men are personified in the two sons. All men can be divided into two groups–the repentant and the unrepentant. Those who honor their Father and those who shame Him. The story begins with the Prodigal’s rebellion and the shame this rebellion brings on his father but there is gospel in the story, the openly rebellious son who brought great shame and sorrow to his father repents. He changes his mind and his ways. He returned to his father a new man; eager to serve and to obey. He has gained a new appreciation for his father and they share intimate fellowship with each other. It is a joyous relationship and a happy ending, for the prodigal.

When Jesus told the story, he was speaking primarily to the Pharisees who are personified in the elder brother. The Pharisees believed they deserved God’s favor more than others because they were law abiding and they had no compassion on those they called “sinners,” the prodigals and the prostitutes. How can prodigals and prostitutes become intimate with the Father? The answer is the same as always–the answer is Jesus. We simply repent of our sin and turn to Jesus our Savior and He has the authority {power} and right to forgive our sins. Remember the story in Luke 5 where Jesus heals the
paralyzed man and the Pharisees are grumbling, “Who does He think He is? Only God can forgive sin.” There were correct that only God can forgive sin, they were wrong in their rejection of Jesus as God.

Judicially, what gives Jesus the right to forgive prodigals and prostitutes? What about the fact that He made Himself weak so He could bare our infirmities; the fact that He took our beating. The rod that fools deserve for their folly and sin, He took upon Himself. He suffered for our sins, all of them. He paid the atoning price with His own blood and yes my dear friend He has earned the right to forgive whomever He chooses. He can forgive the greatest of sinners. Those who brought shame to the Father with their faults, folly, and foolishness can be restored to fellowship with the FATHER. They can have that happy ending we all want so desperately.

First of all, continue to pray for Tracy and family. I checked last night and she was sleeping soundly and unresponsive. She has suffered a lot of pain the last 10 days or so. I think the LORD is about to take her home. I do hate cancer.

Well, I couldn’t wait for the SEC to play football. My plans were to watch football on Saturday and that has not worked out. They keep putting the Bama games at my bed time and something has come up every week to keep me from seeing the Auburn games. I don’t intend to watch the game tonight but I want to make my predictions.

I think Georgia will win. Big Mama is picking Bama. The Georgia defense worries me and so does the Alabama defense but for different reasons. Naggie will get less than 30 yards, Mac will get less than 300 and the team will score less then 30. The Georgia QB is just good enough to give us problems. The only thing in our favor is the tempo. Of course I will not be upset if I am wrong about everything. I just don’t think we can run on them at all and I am afraid they will get to Mac. Any way you cut it, I have bigger fish to fry and I am going to bed. I don’t think we will have any routs this week: I am picking Tennessee over Kentucky is a close one. I think the Auburn/SC game will be close but Auburn will prevail. I also think Ole Miss and Arkansas will be close and I am picking Ole Miss. I am a Mississippi State fan but I think A&M will win the game.

I have not heard how Pat Vanderford’s biospy went. I plan to visit Pat and Whitey today.


Preaching Schedule For October 18

Grace Point: 8:30 AM…Romans 8:5-8…LIVING IN TWO REALMS…also on line but tape delayed.

DBC: 6:00 PM…Romans 7:14-25…STRUGGLING WITH SIN…live via Facebook

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