The Snake And The Weeds


No fool can comprehend this: that although the wicked flourish like weeds, there is only eternal destruction ahead of them.

~Psalm 92:6-7, TLB


The devil is a liar, a thief, and a murderer. He is the ultimate con-artist and terrorist but he is a relentless worker.


Brother Calvin Inman use to tell the story about the little woman who never said anything bad about anybody. Her pastor was amazed at her kindness toward her fellowman but decided he would put her to the test. So he ask her point blank, in the presence of others, “What about the devil? What can you say good about the devil?” She paused for a moment and then said, “I tell you one thing: he is always busy.” God placed the first family in a garden setting. There was a snake in the garden. The serpent tempted Eve and she then tempted her husband. Adam and Eve took the advice of the snake and they disobeyed God. One of the many results of their transgression was weeds. You and I have to content with both the snake and the weeds.

The Psalmist said the wicked flourish like weeds. I am a gardener and want-to-be farmer. Right now, as I write, there are weeds in my garden and in my corn field. If it were not for roundup, my corn would be choked by the weeds. Weeds are aggressive. By nature they are more aggressive than vegetable plants or flowers. You have to plant the vegetables but you do hot have to plant the weeds, they just show up. They are pushy and selfish: they suck up all the nutriments and minerals. They crowd the plants and vegetable until they cannot grow. They can even over shadow them completely. At this very moment, the weeds are crowding us. They are pushing and shoving, fighting for space. They out number us and they are more aggressive. If you are truly born again, you can feel the oppression of the weeds.

I have good news for those who feel oppressed by the weeds. The LORD has promise that we will flourish like a palm tree {Psalm 92:12}. Have you seen a palm tree? They are tall; they grow up not out. They are like towers, straight up with a tiny umbrella on top. You have never seen a patch of weeds overshadow a palm tree. We have a promise in Psalm 92:13, we are going to be transplanted into the LORD’s own garden and we will be under His personal care. Wow! That calls for a hallelujah! You younger folks are thinking right now, “I’m not that excited about getting transplanted; there is still a lot I want to see and do in this world.” No worries mate, you desires are going to change. It may take some time but eventually you are going to get tired of the weeds and you will long for the ultimate Gardener’s care.

There is a huge cell of rain to our North but it is moving Southeast and it could miss us. I hope not but it we get any on this side of the county, it will not be much. One big rain and our corn will make. Let it rain, literally and spiritually. Open the floodgates of heaven, let it rain. Hope you have a great LORD’s day. Don’t lay out of church. If you are traveling, we start at 8:30 and you will be on the road by nine.

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