The Subtle Influence Of The World


If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God.

~James 4:4, NLT


One reason the CHURCH has so little influence on the world is that the world has so much influence on the CHURCH.

~Charles Spurgeon

Psalm 115:16 states, The heavens belong to the Lordbut He has given the earth to all humanity. Dr. Adrian Rogers said, “Man gave his right of dominion over to Satan when he disobeyed God in the garden.” The N.T. seems to agree referring to Satan as the god, prince and ruler of this world. James is talking to Christians when he warns, “don’t make yourself a friend of the world.”  Understand, the world is governed by Satan and it has an attraction and influence that is deadly. The world will do its best to conform us to its image. Satan is no idiot; he knows that the best way to deceive Christians is to do it very subtly. I am appalled at what has happened to the Southern Baptist Convention. A decade ago, I would have argued that this could not happen. The SBC has been influenced by the radical feminist movement which has a Marxist base. Critical Race Theory is marxist and so is the “Social Justice” movement. The SBC is head over heels into both. The pressure that the Executive Committee is feeling right now is coming from the feminist movement and my prediction is–the Executive will cave.

It appears to me that our basic fear is that of being labeled. When don’t want to be called ‘racist’ or ‘bigots’. If you resist the feminist or homosexual movement, you will be called both. Who gives a rats rear end what they call us. This rhetoric is coming from a world that hates Jesus and the true Church. If we pleased them, we displease God. You can’t dance with Jesus in the living room when you have the devil hid in the closet. You can’t compromise with biblical truth and that is exactly what we have done. Professing Christians who get sucked into the SOCIAL JUSTICE movement do not understand what the scripture says about justice. Just use your common sense: why is racism suddenly the most horrible sin in the world and why is abortion not an issue with the social justice movement? Racial tension divides people. They are stirring racial tension because it is divisive and hurtful. It creates greater animosity and hatred. They are not trying to heal anything folks, they are digging up old bones. You cannot be loyal to Jesus and be loyal to the social justice movement because it is of the world. It comes from the world, not scripture. The word SOCIAL is a construct {an idea or theory not based on reality or evidence} for liberals {marxist}. They use this word as much as we use the word fellowship. When they use the word social, they are referring to man. When they say “social justice”, they are referring to man’s justice or better still, man’s idea of justice. In reality, God determines what is just and unjust. Marxist don’t believe in God. They are atheist by profession. You might say that the SBC has been influence by atheism. As Keith would say, “Unbelievable.” I do agree, it is a hard pill to swallow but the world has invaded the SBC. I am sick and tired of this liberal/marxist crap. If they want to label me a racist; let them, but I am not compromising with the truth and I have no desire to please this world.


Every now and then, I am entitled to a political rant. Well you cannot order better weather than yesterday. It was the perfect day for an outdoor fish fry and everything went great. We went ahead and planned our Thanksgiving and Christmas last night. We will have a church wide breakfast on November 14 at 8:30 and a dinner on December 12 after morning worship. I need prayer today: putting down a new floor in bathroom and setting a commode. I hate plumbing. Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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