The World Needs The Gospel


For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

~Romans 1:16, NASB


We cannot meet the needs of our neighbors with our own meager resources: they need the good news that brings great joy.


The Greek word for gospel is euangelion from which we get the word evangelism. It literally means “good tidings” or good news. If you will take another look, you will see a word within the word…it is angel or messenger so literally, it means the message of good news. I love good news. I want to hear some good news today. I want to hear good news everyday. June and I were watching the movie about the life of Jeremy Camp the Christian music writer and singer. He fell in love with a girl he met at college but she got diagnosed with cancer shortly after they met. Long story short, Jeremy sticks with her through thick and thin. When she goes into remission, they get married on the beach there is sunny California. After the wedding scene, I got up to leave for my study. June said, “sit back down it is not over.” I said, “It is over for me, this is how I want the story to end and I’m not taking any chances.” I left, went to the study with a feel good moment in my mind. Two hours later, I walk in the front door and there to greet me is Big Mama, “She died, the cancer came back and she died.” I said, “Woman, I did not want to know that; I told you why I was leaving. I hate sad endings.” She said, “She died and he got remarried.”

I am like King David, I don’t like bad news. I am not going to have you executed like he did but I am not going to praise you for being the bearer of bad news. I want to hear something good. Make up something good if you have to but don’t dump your bad news on me. I was with the girls in Lebanon, Tennessee a couple of months back and we were in a mall type setting. I found the food court in no time, got me a nice chair at a table, got a coke and started playing games on my phone. But then the rush hour hit and the food court filled up. One old lady came and stood right beside me. She propped herself on her walker and let out a sigh. Every few moments another sigh. I’m thinking, “woman, give me a break. If you aren’t able to stand up for prolonged periods of time, stay at home.” She didn’t budge, stood right there over my shoulder until I slip my chair back and got up. “Oh, are you getting up?” She said, “can I have your chair?”

After the week we’ve had I figured you needed to hear a funny story. These senior adults beat all don’t they! I hate to get behind them at a check out because they have to give correct change. They’ve stood in line for ten minutes and they wait until the cashier tells them what they own to get out their billfold and the coin purse and here we go. They have to count it out to the last penny. I thinking, “For Pete’s sake, give them a twenty, get your change and get moving.”

I’ve got this thing figured out. The demos and the rhinos are working together along with the media. They have known for a while how popular Donald Trump was and that he was unbeatable so they have conspired together to steal the election. What’s happening is all a part of their diabolical plan. Without the mail in votes they would stand a chance and it also gave them a way to cheat, to fabricate votes. They are stealing this election and they are going to get by with it. No one is DC wanted Trump re-elected and that includes so called republicans. He is the most popular president in recent history but they do not care what the American people want. I believe Shelby is a snake in the grass. I also believe that the rich Jews have gotten control of FOX news. It is a sad day in American history. With the mail in system, it gave them a chance to know what voted they needed and where. The swamp won. The stinky toilet stinks more now than ever. The good news is their victory is temporary. They will stand before Christ in the not too distant future and they will not lie their way out of the predicament they will be in.


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