Therefore, We Will Wait


What heathen god can give us rain? Who but you alone, O Lord our God, can do such things as this? Therefore we will wait for You to help us.

~Jeremiah 14:22, TLB


Our sins are a debt that none can pay but Christ. It is not our tears but His blood that atones for sin.

~Thomas Brooks

During the ministry of Jeremiah, God sent a drought to Judah. The rain stopped and so did everything else. Judah’s commerce ground to a halt and everyone was crying for rain. Rich men sent their servants to draw water but all the wells were dry. The ground was parched and cracked for lack of rain. The farmers were afraid and the livestock was dying from starvation because there was no grass. Even the deer were deserting their fawns for lack of water and grazing. Judah was a land filled with idols because the Jews had been unfaithful to Yahweh but now they are crying to Him for rain. The LORD’s response was, “Don’t cry to Me, call on your idols, asks them for rain.” Jeremiah’s response was… “What heathen god can give rain? Who but God alone could do such a thing. Only Yahweh the God of creation could answer this prayer.”

What really got my attention was Jeremiah’s conclusion: “THEREFORE, WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU TO HELP US.” I like this conclusion. We have a problem and no one can fix it other than the LORD, therefore we will wait. This is true of our nation…We have a problem that no man can fix. We need a spiritual rain, a GREAT AWAKENING, a nationwide REVIVAL. What man can give us such a thing? I like Franklin Graham and I pray for him daily. I consider him America’s pastor but he is impotent when it comes to revival in America…therefore we wait. I am not fond of waiting but only God can fix the problem. The same thing is true in my personal life. I have problems that only the LORD can fix…therefore I wait. Just pray that I wait patiently.

Big Mama predicted an early fall and it looks like she was right. I got very cold at the Brewer game last night. It was only 55 but the chill got into my knees and shoulder. I am getting too old for this night air.

October is Church Staff appreciation month. They tried to make it Pastor Appreciation but that bird never got off the ground so they broadened the scope hoping more would participate. Home Life Magazine suggested 12 ways to encourage your church staff…

  1. Send them an encouraging email or text.
  2. Ask them how you can pray for them.
  3. Send a card or write a note of encouragement.
  4. Invite them out for lunch or supper.
  5. Coordinate a card shower for everyone on staff.
  6. Carry them a care package or baked goodies.
  7. Compliment them on the job they are doing.
  8. Send them a thank you note and simply tell them thanks.
  9. Give them a restaurant gift card.
  10. Go the entire month without dumping your problems on them or complaining to them about something you do not like.
  11. Ask them to help you discover your gifts so you can be more help.
  12. Give your pastor a new John Deere Tractor with a front end loader.

I changed one of them, see if you can figure it out. By the way, we have a very sweet lady who brings us T-cakes at least twice a month. They don’t make it home.

Pray For The President

President Trump has been hospitalized with Covid-19. Please pray, we need his leadership. He is the only one in D.C. who cares about us the God-fearing, tax paying, war-fighting, law-abiding, bible-believing, deplorable-white Americans. Like him or not, he has done more for the unborn and for persecuted Christians around the world than any president in our history.

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