Trusting In Money


Trust in your money and down you go! But the godly flourish like leaves in spring.

~Proverbs 11:28, NLT


Money can buy things: it just cannot buy the essential things.


Money is not evil; it is greed [loving money] that is the root of all evil. Money is something we are to use but not something we are to trust. If your trust is in money, your are a idolater. It is OK to value money but we cannot make it the object of our worship. I heard a man say just the other day that he was thankful that he was raised poor. I understand exactly what he was saying. In terms of worldly wealth, I have very little but I am thrilled with the little that God as entrusted to me. There is a temptation that goes with money, the more one has, the more he is tempted to make it a god. I don’t need any more temptation. People point out to me that Abraham and Job were rich and so was Solomon but I quickly point out to them that none of the apostles were wealthy. Matter of fact, Jesus was born into obscurity and raised in poverty. When Jesus died, the only thing he owed was the closes on His back. I certainly don’t consider Him a failure. There are some fundamental principles that should govern our stewardship.

First, you must realize and remember daily that everything belongs to God and that includes your body and your breath. It is God’s breath in your lungs and He can take it anytime He pleases. It is His money in your bank and He can also take your money. Jerusalem was filled with rich Jews who lived in mansions: then out of the blue Nebuchadnezzar invaded or laid siege to the city and money became worthless. Rich people were digging in the garbage looking for food. You could find gold and silver in the streets because money had lost it’s value.

Vid-Angel allowed me to watch a Ben Affeck movie a few months ago called Triple Frontier. A group of former operatives got together to steal millions of dollars from a South America drug lord. Their greed endangered their escape and got most of them killed. The large sacks of money became a burden that first pulled them down {helicopter}, then slowed them down {on foot} and they ended up on a mountain in the middle of no wear freezing to death. They used money to build a fire. There is a lot of truth in the movie, all money is destined to the fire. Well I am out of time and I only covered one principle. Maybe I’ll do two tomorrow. Remember, do not allow money to become your god: in the end, it will be huge disappointment.

Praise to the LORD for another wonderful day of worship. Our congregation at Grace Pointed voted to go back inside on November 1 so that will alter our Sunday schedule a bit. Personally, I have enjoyed being outside but I do miss getting to hear the congregation sing and the weather will make it harder to stay outside. The virus is airborne and contagious. It will make its appointed rounds. Grace Point and DBC have been very fortunate but eventually, it will get to us. Thank goodness, it is not as lethal as the media makes it out to be but it is not going away.

Tracy Breeding Prater’s COLS is Tuesday night at Decatur Baptist at 6:30 PM. The family will be there at 5:30. I don’t think they plan to do a reception line but they will visit with friends in the foyer. It is my understanding that they want to practice some form of social distancing and we must respect their wishes. Some one sent June a text last night of Katie’s triplets saying their night prayers and celebrating Tracy’s arrival in heaven. It was heart warming…out of the mouths of small children, God has perfected praise.

Stayed up and watched the Braves: we came up a little short. Not of a fan of the Dodgers; they are the Yankee’s of the left coast. We win some and lose some. Hey, I think I missed every pick I made in SEC football. I think I got one right but I can’t remember which one. I sure thought Tennessee would win and Ole Miss. The SEC is in a mess. Who knows who is going to win. Arkansas may finish second.

I hope you have a great week and thank you for reading the blog.

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