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 For if these things are done when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?

~Luke 23:31, NLT


Bring every unanswered question, every unmet need, and every unfulfilled longing to Calvary, the place of God’s providing {YHWH Jired}.

~Jonathan Cahn

As I was reading Luke 23 a few days ago, I came across verse 31 and I thought to myself; “I have never understood what Jesus meant…if these things are done when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry? So I decided to bing it {trying to break my addiction to google} and this is what I found. It makes sense to me: see what you think.

The Green Tree is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is often compared to a tree and is indeed, the Tree of Life. Jesus was a green tree full of sap {juice of life}; He was fruitful, useful, flourishing, and a gift to mankind. He taught God’s word, healed the sick and spread good news everywhere He went. So why would anyone cut a tree down a green tree which was bearing so much fruit? You don’t cut down a fruit bearing green tree. You cut a tree down when it becomes dead, lifeless and fruitless. The dry wood from the dead tree makes a hotter fire. Jesus was a green and fruitful tree, He did not deserve to be cut down. Jesus was pure in His nature, without sin in His life, harmless in His conversation, and did no hurt to any man’s person or property: His enemies could find no fault in Him, nor prove any thing against him; not even the devil himself via his demons could find fault with Jesus, but confessed Him to be the Holy One of God. Jesus was also declared innocent by Pilot: and yet, how many hard and grievous things were done to Him! He was persecuted in his infancy; He was despised and reproached by men all His days; He was apprehended as if he had been a thief, and was bound as a malefactor; and arraigned in a court of corruption, as if he had been the greatest criminal on earth; he was mocked, buffeted, and spit upon in the palace of the high priest; He was scourged by Pilate, and mistreated and abused by his soldiers, who arrayed him with a scarlet robe, put a crown of thorns on his head, and a reed in his hand, and in a mock way bowed the knee to him, and saluted him as King of the Jews; they crucified Him between two thieves, and as He hung on the cross mocked Him, and gave Him gall and vinegar to drink. To which may be added, that he was forsaken by God the¬†Father, and His wrath was poured out upon Him as He bore the sins of His people; the curse of the law was executed on Him: and justice drew its sword, and sheathed it in Him: and now if all these things were done to such an useful, holy, harmless, and innocent person, what shall be done to sinners? It is we who were dead in our sins, wicked by nature. We are the dry trees without sap, destitute of grace and righteousness, and all that is good, and we brought forth no fruit, neither to God, nor ourselves, nor others; but, like dead and withered trees are fit fuel for the fire of divine wrath and displeasure, both in this, and in the world to come. More than likely Jesus was referring to the wicked Jews who rejected Christ, and crucified Him. If such evil things were done by them to so just a person, what kind of judgement will they receive. If such things were done to Christ by his Father, according to the requirement of the law, and the strictness of divine justice, when He was made sin for His people, though he knew none, nor committed any himself, what vengeance will fall on them, who must answer for their sins in their own persons?


PTL, we have a heat wave coming; It is supposed to get up to 54 today and 60 tomorrow. Cool weather is fine but the bitter cold is hard on these old joints. I hope you have a great weekend. Be sure and pray for your pastor as he prepares God’s message for tomorrow. Pray for our friends in crisis. I got some good news yesterday, John Harold Hayes called and told me he is doing much, much better.


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