Victory In Jesus


Now, thanks be to God Who always leads us forth to triumph with the Anointed One {Christ}.

~2 Corinthians 2:14, The Literal Translation


A seasoned sailor knows how to use a head wind to move forward.

~Charles Cowman

No one wants to be tempted; it is to be avoided whenever possible but God uses temptation to settle and confirm our spiritual life. No one understands what is in them until they are tempted. It is one of the ways God reveals our depravity and our utter need for His grace. I am told that the coral reefs that protects many harbors did not evolve from smooth water and calm seas. The corals themselves need no protection, they thrive from the beating taken by the open sea and the white foam. Trials will not make you weaker, they will make you stronger.

Now for the good news: we are soldiers in the CHRISTIAN ARMY, Jesus is our Warrior King, the Captain of our salvation: He leads the way and we follow. His victory is our victory–His triumph our triumph. George Patten lead the 3rd Army through Europe liberating one town after the other. Cities and towns lined the streets as Patton and his army marched through. Every solider in that army was a part of that triumphant parade. There were probably some in the ranks who had never fired a shot but they were a part of the triumph. Christ has already secured the victory, all we have to do in stay in rank and keep marching. There is no pressure on us to win the battle against evil; our Mighty Christ will win that battle. Thank God it is all grace, amazing grace and it sounds sweet to me.

There were two more examples Monday night: Jaylen Waddle and Landon Dickerson had been injured and were not able to play but because they had worked so hard in the past, the coaching staff found a way to get them involved in the game. For Dickerson it was all grace but he was a big part of the celebration.

I tried to upload a picture of grace but I can’t upload anything on this computer; just like not being able to get rid of the bock below. Josie helped me some yesterday but not even she could get the picture to stay. It would appear and then disappear.

Rick and Bubba had a congressman on this morning; a republican who refused to use the word ‘fraud’. He said he could not use the word until someone produced evidence. He was talking out of both sides of his mouth and he is a part of the problem. He claims, we lost the election because evangelical Christians did not turn out…Bologna. He mentioned that Michigan has more voters registers than there are people. How is that not evidence. Why can’t these people tell the truth: they cheated. They came up with a plan and they worked the plan. Sure it was in violation of the constitution but since when did a dem give a hoot about the constitution. It was voter fraud! Fraud, fraud, fraud! Mail in ballots have to be post marked and dated but millions were not, how is this not evidence.

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