Watch For The Caution Lights


 If you listen to advice and are willing to learn, one day you will be wise.

~Proverbs 19:20, GNT


Fools despise good counsel, but the wise take it to heart.


Toddlers think they know best but they don’t. They require lots of supervision, that is if you want to see them grow up; otherwise they will play in traffic, stick metal objects into electrical outlets, climb ladders, jump in swimming pools. You have to watch toddlers and you have to correct them. Teenagers also think they know best. They resent being told what and what not to do and by age 14, they know more than you. But in reality, they just think they know more and the truth is–they have a lot to learn. They know much less because they have not lived as long. They may have the IQ but they don’t have the history. Many young women think they know best when they get an abortion; after all they are not ready to care for a child. The truth is–they were not ready to have sex and will realize in time that her decision was a tragic mistake.

It seems like a cruel world but really, it is not: God has given us warnings and instructions. His will is to lead us down the right path but our sinful and rebellious natures makes it hard for us to take instructions. God has given us all three things to guide us. First, there is our conscience. Unless you are a psychopath you have one. Don’t violate your conscience; its an intuitive guide. Then we have the word of God. David said, “I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” I am where I am today by GRACE first and foremost but the word of God has been my guide. I am sure; without a single doubt, that if not for the word of God, I would not have made it. The third help we have is the godly counsel of other believers. When these three line up, we are good to go but woe unto the ignorant soul that ignores all three.


Thankful for another great Sabbath Celebration: God is good. It is great to spend time with people you love and people who love you. Carol Bennich gave me the book review for David Horowitz book DARK AGENDA. His book is about the Marxist takeover of America. Don’t laugh, they have won every battle since 1960 except the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT. They are in firm control of the Democratic Party, the media, the Supreme Court, and they dominate higher education. I want to read the book. Horowitz is an agnostic Jew raised in a Marxist Jewish home. He understands these people and how they operate. There is a lot in the book about PLANNED PARENTHOOD which is not about being a parent or living in the hood. I will give you one statistic: Since the Supreme Court made a tragic blunder is Roe v. Wade, 65 million surgical abortions have taken place in the US but get this–40% of the babies terminated were black. That comes to 26 million black babies and half that number would be old enough to have families of their own. So none one really knows how bad abortion has hurt the black population. It could be well over 50 million. I do not know is Margaret Sanger, the founder of PP was a Jew or not but she was a Marxist. Isn’t it strange that Marxist preach racism and condemn the Christian community for being racist and yet they are avid supporters of abortion. If you have already read the book and don’t plan to keep it for reference, I would be glad to take it off your hands.

We have a lot of hurting people: please remember Ronald Asherbranner and family. Matt’s COLS is tomorrow at the Cowboy Church in Falkville. Keep Terry and Becky Cowart in your prayers as well. Jean and Perry Smith did get to come home from Vandy and we Praise The Lord for that good news. Have a great week and thanks for reading the blog.


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