We Need A Wall


When you demolish an old wall, you could be bitten by a snake.

~Ecclesiastes 10:8, NLT


We must build hedges {walls} around the things that our precious to us.

~Jonathan Cahn

In ancient Israel, they built walls or hedges around things that they wanted to protect. Take their vineyards for example: they built stone walls around them and even guard towers for a watchmen. One wild animal in a short period of time could destroy their livelihood. Their vineyards and gardens were worth protecting. Today we garden for a hobby: then they gardened to survive. Solomon points us to a danger in Ecclesiastes: be very careful about demolishing a wall, you could get snake bit. The serpent is a symbol of evil and Satan. If you want to get snake bit, just tear down the walls that protect what is precious to you. What are some of those things which you would like to guard: family, friends, your marriage, relationship with Christ, your integrity, or perhaps your name or honor. If you want to protect these things, you better build and maintain a wall around them.

What are these walls made of and how do we build and maintain them. Obviously we are not talking about wooden or stone walls; we are talking about boundaries, safe guards and parameters you have set and are determined to maintain. You need guidelines, principles and standards and you need to get them from the word of God. In a word, you need convictions. There should be some lines that you refuse to cross. Take gambling for example. Gambling is highly attractive because it appeals to our greedy nature. Perhaps you are thinking: “I am many things but I am not greedy.” This is like saying, “I am many things but I am not proud.” Can you handle the truth; we are all greedy. There is a seed of greed in every fallen sinner. You can plow a cocklebur under the ground but you better keep it covered and deep or it will sprout and produce an aggravating and disgusting weed. Greed is there and you better have some guide lines and conviction or it will come to the surface. How many have to lose in order for one to win in the lottery? It is OK to gamble as long as….”as long as what?” As long as it goes to a good cause…as long as it does not become addictive…I learned to keep my distance before I ever graduated high school. First you pitch pennies and then you roll nickels and then you match quarters and from there it goes to dollars. You are encouraging your greed; you are feeding it. Do you really think that is wise? You say, “I know when to stop.” Yeah right, that is exactly what men say who are hooked on porn. That is what social drinking parents say, “I know when to stop.” Let me ask you something: will your children, who are following your example, know when to stop. You are in fact acting foolishly and you are going to get snake bit. How many grand children does your dog have to bit before you get rid of the dog?

Drugs is another example: what are your guidelines? Do you have strong convictions? Do you fear the serpent that is embedded in drugs? You drop your guard, you destroy your convictions and see what happens. The devil is not particularly interested in how he destroys your happiness and your testimony; so long as he destroys it.


It is cold out there this morning. This is bug killing weather I hope. The temperature in the house was 59 when I got up. If it stays this cold, we are going to have to get the natural gas. Our system can’t work in extreme weather. I sure liked last week better.

Not sure but think I am going to B’ham today to see and uncle that is ailing. I only have two left. Pray for Gregg and Traci.

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