What Happened To Lot?


Lot, who was traveling with Abram, had also become very wealthy with flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and many tents.

~Genesis 13:5, NLT


This world would not be a bad place to live if it were not for sin.


I am sure you are familiar with the story of Lot, Abraham’s nephew. He traveled with Abraham for years, even accompanying him on his trip to Egypt but they had separate checking accounts. Abraham had his flocks, herds and servants and Lot had his flocks, herds and servants. Eventually, as the numbers increased, there arose a contention between Lot’s herdsmen and Abraham over grazing rights and watering holes. Abraham realized that they needed to go their separate ways and he gave Lot first choice. Lot, being selfish, choose the Jordan valley. It was well watered and filled with lush pasture. Abraham stayed in the highlands. Lot was was given to compromise and he continued to ease toward Sodom, one of the cities of the plain. The bible does not give us the details but eventually, Lot moved into a penthouse inside the city of Sodom. What happened to his herds and his servants? Did Lot sell out in order to move into the city? Did he liquidate his assets in order to live the city life? We don’t know. What we do know is that Lot was living in Sodom when it was destroyed. He and his daughters had to flea the city on a moment notice and they were not able to take anything of value with them.

This is conjecture but Lot may have invested in Sodom’s stock market. His downtown penthouse may have cost a fortune. It seems apparent that Lot lost his earthly possessions when Sodom was destroyed. On the day that Sodom was destroyed, the angels literally took Lot by the hand and lead him to safety, he and his two daughters. He fled to the city of Zoar and lived there for a time but he became afraid of the people of Zoar and he moved further east and ended up living in a cave. So Lot goes from extreme wealth to extreme poverty. He literally moves from a penthouse to a cave.

Here is the question that came to my mind during my prayer time yesterday: why did Lot continue to move east which is a sign of rebellion in scripture. Why didn’t Lot return to his uncle Abraham. A tent beats a cave and with Abraham, there is plenty to eat. Why did Lot choose the far country when he could have returned home? Could it have been pride? I have no way of knowing but this one thing I do know, REPENTANCE would have solved his problem. I would have crawled back to Abraham on my hands and knees and begged his forgiveness. Like the prodigal, I would have confessed…Father Abraham, I have been a fool. I acted selfishly and gave into my vanity. I have lost everything and I have come to you for mercy.

Can you think of a problem in this world that repentance will not solve? Lot’s story ends on a very sad note but it did not have to end that way and it would not had he repented. America would be a great place to live if everyone would repent. Our houses of worship would become true houses of worship if everyone would repent. REPENTANCE is a must. C. S. Lewis says, “Progress is not progress unless you are headed for the right destination.” If you are going in the wrong direction, speed doesn’t matter and it certainly not a sign of progress. What the left called progress is in fact digression.

I am reading F.F. Bruce commentary on Romans and I found two words yesterday that I never remember seeing before: tautologous and propaedeutic. Tautologous is
a phrase or expression in which the same thing is said twice in different words. In literary criticism and rhetoric, a tautology is a statement which repeats an idea using synonyms. Propaedeutic is an introduction to a subject or area of study.

Holly delivered food to Tracy B’s yesterday and she was not feeling good: in some pain. Please continue to pray. If you take food, you don’t go in unless the caregiver asks you to: just drop the food off. Tracy has limited energy and she is trying to spend as much time as possible with Gracin and we respect that and I know you do also.

Tried to watch the UAB/Miami game last night but just couldn’t get into it. I had no problem not watching the NFL game. I am done with professional sports unless they change their attitude.

It’s Finally Friday

Have a great weekend!

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