What’s Not In Heaven


He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.

~Revelation 21:4, NLT


The most thrilling thing about heaven is that Jesus Christ will be there.

~William Franklin Graham

Can you imagine the disciples grief when Jesus began talking about His death and departure from this world. They had been in his presence for three years and had learned not to be anxious about anything. Food and drink were not a worry: Jesus could turn water into wine and could multiply fish and bread. If you got sick, no problem because Jesus had authority over sickness. Folks couldn’t have a peaceful funeral with Jesus around. Jesus was an undertakers nightmare. Weather was not a problem either: Jesus could command the elements of nature. I do agree with Dr. Graham, the greatest thing about heaven is that Jesus is there and we will see Him then just as He sees us now. But I am also thrilled with the list of things that will not be in heaven.

There will be no sin, shame, sickness, sorrow or Satan in heaven. There will be no anxiety in heaven. There will be no guilt or regret in heaven. The Bible tells us again and again, not to fret over the wicked. David said in Psalm 37…Don’t worry about the wicked… like grass, they will soon fade away…Like spring flowers, they soon wither. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes…For the wicked will be destroyed…Soon the wicked will disappear. Have you noticed what we talk about on social media: we are fretting about the wicked and I am as guilty as anyone. How can we not be concerned about the evil schemes of the wicked? Cultural Marxism is destroying the Republic: how can we not be concerned. Unless you are innocent {a child or have some form of retardation}, you have to be concerned about the wicked. Two murders in Decatur in two days: how can that not be a concern? In spite of what we say, we worry about the wicked but there will be no anxiety in heaven!

I could be wrong but I believe that my greatest struggles are not with anxiety, although it is a problem. I struggle more with guilt and regret. Regret is a thorn in my side. There are some things I would like to do over. I made some bad choices early in life and to add to that regret, I was encouraged to do these things by adults. Now, I have made some bad calls since that I can’t blame those on anyone except myself and mistakes have produced nagging regrets. I want to forget them and leave them behind but they follow me where ever I go. Unfortunately, we cannot erase bad memories but PTL, there will be no nagging regrets in heaven.

Word Press has thrown me another curve. The format today was totally different. I like it but now I don’t know how to change the font. O well, as long as you can read it I don’t suppose it matters. Everything went well for me yesterday in Lexington. The church there was super friendly and no tie was necessary. I actually enjoyed meeting new people. Sam has a good church and I am proud for him. We ate lunch in Rogersville at a Buffet called SWEET TEA. They had the best peach cobbler I’ve ever stuck a spoon in. I also had a good time at small groups last night. All in all, it was a good day. I think we will move outside for the month of September and we are going to try the 8:30 am time slot. Our Wednesday will remain inside. We may move our Wednesday night fellowship to September 8. This will give Josh more recovery time. Give me a call Belinda and we will talk about it. We have a full breakfast this Sunday morning following the outdoor service.

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