Yahweh Loves Justice


“The word of Yahweh is straightforward, all he does springs from his constancy. He loves uprightness and justice.” 

Psalm 33:4-5, NJB


Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as social justice. Justice in the Bible is never preceded with an adjective.

~Voddie Baucham, Jr.

There is an old black spiritual that includes the phrase, “Everybody talking bout heaven aint going there.” These days, everyone talking about justice aint talking about God’s justice. As a matter of fact, if they are talking about “social justice”, a term not found in scripture, it is a good indication that they are into cultural marxism. These social justice warriors are more concerned about critical race theory than they are saving unborn babies. As a matter of fact, they give no thought to the plight of the unborn and sadly, they occupy high places within the SBC. This has to change if we want God’s blessings.

God loves justice and if He loves it, so should we. I am reading the New English Bible and I’m in the very last part of Luke and Acts. Dr. Luke, a gentile, wrote both and I think he wrote Hebrews as well. If he didn’t, some gentile with thorough knowledge of Judaism did. It is hard for a Jew to be critical of other Jews. As a matter of fact, if you say anything critical about any Jew, you are labeled antisemitic. I suppose some would accuse Luke of being antisemitic. I am not antisemitic: Jesus was a Jew and so are many of the folks I admire. I like Mark Levin and Benjamin Netanyahu but I can’t help but point out the facts. The ruling class of Jews in Jesus time were corrupt. They were known as Sadducees and they believed in very little. They didn’t believe in heaven or hell. They didn’t believe in angels or spirits. They had no regard for the prophets [descendants of Abraham]. Their god was gold. They loved money and power. Although they were not devout worshippers of Yahweh, they controlled the priesthood or at least the chief priests. The high priest was always a Sadducee. They had turned the temple into a scam and were profiting from the corrupt practices in its administration.

These are the Jews that wanted Jesus dead. It was not peasant Jews or even the upper crust, it was the Sadducees. You can’t lay Jesus death on Pilate or even the wicked and vile Herod: Jesus was acquitted by both. The blame goes on the Sadducees and their ability to use their power and influence to sway the court. It is right there in black and white, all you have to do is read it. Pilate said {Luke 23:23} “I have not found Jesus guilty of any capital offense so I will have Him flogged and released. But the Jewish Religious Leaders {lead by Sadducees} shouted that Jesus should be crucified and their shouts prevailed. Pilate decided to let them have their way.” So it was not justice that the Jewish power brokers wanted, it was their way. Jesus was not good for business and they wanted Him removed. His honesty and truthfulness threatened their very way of life.

These social justice warriors are much like the Sadducees, they always have a smoke screen to hid their agenda. Here is what they told Pilate, “He is subverting the nation and opposing taxation.” In other words, these good Jews were looking out for Rome. Yeah, right! Their base motive was greed and Jesus was hurting their business and their standing before the people and they wanted Him silenced.

The fools are at it again; going to print some more funny money and give everyone a check. This would cost tax payers, if we had the money, 1.1 trillion but of course we don’t have that kind of money in the treasury so they will print some more. This will make what you have worth less. Pretty soon the dollar will not be worth 15 cents. They haven’t done one right thing since their fraudulent takeover but to date, this is by far the worse.

According to the Epoch Times Beijing is telling Biden what to do; someone is, for sure. An intelligent person with half a mind would not being doing the foolish, idiotic things he doing. The sad thing is he enjoys the attention.

Stay warm and pray for REVIVAL in America or for Texas to leave the Union and take us with them.

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