You Are Being Followed


Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life.

~Psalm 23:6, NASB


God never ceases to be good; it is man who ceases to be thankful for His goodness.


I’ve heard eight new songs at DBC the last two weeks. I want to sing along but I can’t. I am not being critical. I have loved all eight songs. This could be a game plan: let’s sing songs that Bro. Jack does not know and then we want have to worry about his loud voice and his bad timing. I tried to help out on the only one I knew last Sunday but I jumped the gun on the chorus and started before everyone else. So if that is the plan, it is working but it has not hindered my worship. The song that jumped out and grabbed me by the spirit yesterday was THE GOODNESS OF GOD. So help, I had never heard the song but I got a blessing and an insight. Let me share it with you and then I will share the insight.

I love that line and the music where it says…YOUR GOODNESS IS RUNNING AFTER ME. For yours truly, that was a WOW moment! Hey I have been practicing here in the office, the next time Hailey sings this one I will be doing backup. I know she has to be excited.{JK} Here is my insight, we are being pursued by the goodness of God. Do not take for granted or show contempt for the riches of His kindness, but realize that God’s goodness is intended to lead us to repentance? It is one thing to be followed on Facebook or Twitter but I am talking about something infinitely bigger and better. You are being followed by the goodness of God. Has He ever failed you? No, because He never fails.

I spent a lot of time at Pecks this weekend. Three COLS’s in two days. Our heart goes out to the Sandy Welborn family. Sandy’s sudden illness and passing was a shock to all. The family is grieving and I can understand why. I have a lot of Sandy stories but my favorite is fishing all night at Guntersville lake. Hey, Sandy knew I was no fisherman when he invited me to go but I hung in there with him until about 3:00 in morning and than I laid down in that huge bass boat and took a nap. I woke up a little after day light and he was still going strong. I seen the water churning near the bank and Sandy saw me looking in that direction. He said, “Bro. Jack, that is a school of carp, don’t cast your line over there.” Then he turned and continued to fish out of the front of the boat. Guess what? I know you cannot guess what Jack did next. As soon as he turned his head, I cast right out in the middle of the school. By pure chance, I snagged one in the back as I was trying to retrieve my line before Sandy caught me. That old carp weighted 15-20 pound and I told Sandy I was hung on a stump. He said, “No you are not, you have snagged one of those carps.” He stopped the troll motor and waited for me to rill it in. I don’t think he was thrilled with me at the time but later we laughed about it.

Preachers {for the few that read the blog}. Listeners are to be valued. We should appreciate the people who listen to us Sunday after Sunday and one way we can do that is by choosing our words well. I am rededicating myself to study and pray more so I can say less. Actually, I want to say more with fewer words. To those who listen to me preach: Thank you for your time and attention. I also thank you for reading the blog.

Rick and Bubba said this AM that John MacAuthur began his service by saying, “Welcome to this peaceful protest.” The governor of California is forbidding worship. Let’s pray for our Christians brothers and sisters in that part of the country. I ran into someone from Michigan this past week, the governor there is also hard on Christians. There are a lot of good folks in Michigan.

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