You Can Count On It!


But the meek shall inherit the earth,
And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

~Psalm 37:11, NKJV


If Jesus said it, that settles it; whether you believe it or not.

~Jack Taylor

I do love Psalm 37 and the promise stated in verse eleven. Jesus quotes this verse in the beatitudes, {Matthew 5:5} Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. The world always interprets meekness to be weakness. When the world looks at the humble estate of the meek, they scoff. The world laughs at the meek and considers then losers. The meek are the lowly, the poor, the humble and those content with what God has given them. They are not greedy, always craving more but perfectly content to be in the will of God and His service. It doesn’t take much to please them and they have no affinity for this world. The meek are not extraordinary or outstanding; at least not in the eyes of the world.

I preached a sermon yesterday on Isaac who was an ordinary man sandwiched between two of the brightest stars in the Hebrew heavens. Abraham his father has twelve chapters dedicated to him and his son Jacob has ten; Isaac has only one. Isaac represents most of us; for not many of us are successful in the world’s eyes and he never accomplished anything note worthy; however, there are some great qualities about Isaac. He is a portrait and an example of a MEEK person. First of all, he was submissive to a fault. When God speaks, Isaac obeys. He had no rebellion in him at all. He was human; he was lacking in courage. He made the same mistake his father made by hiding behind his wife’s coat tail. It was a cowardly thing to do and it hurt his influence. But that said, he was blessed by GOD. The LORD’s blessing were so obvious that his unbelieving neighbors feared him. Isaac was also faithful, he kept doing what God called him to do, stay in the land. To stay in the land, he had to dig wells and that is what he did and when one job went sour, he moved on and started another but he never quit. In the end, he inherits the land and peace.

The story of Isaac is recorded to reinforce and illustrate the promise Jesus gives–THE MEEK WILL INHERIT THE EARTH. Can’t you hear the billionaires chuckling over this statement: how in heaven are the poor and the meek going to inherit the earth? Well, it is a God thing and trust me, it will happen.


Practically everyone got a kick out of my ignorance over the weekend. I visited most of Saturday and tried my best to keep my mind off the Iron Bowl. I did notice in the homes I visited that Alabama was inept. I decided to drop by Too Tall’s and watch the second half but I left with a little over 2 minutes to go. I thought we had no chance, not even a prayer. Immediately, once in the truck, I turned the radio off and starting focusing on Sunday. I came home and went to bed thinking we had lost. I was worried about facing T-Bone and some of the other fanatics. I even went to church thinking we had lost. Finally, one person detected from what I said that I thought we had lost. He said, “Bro Jack, we won.” I said, “You are lying.” His wife said, “no, you really did win.” I still didn’t believe. They had to bring it up on the cell phone and show me. Holly was with June when I got home Saturday night and she wondered but didn’t say anything. To cap that off, I decide to watch the last two minutes and the over times last night and I was still nervous. I am going to be honest with you: that was divine intervention. I don’t know why, I just know that was a miracle of sorts.

T-Bone said that Auburn would knock Alabama out of the play offs: let me be honest, GEORGIA will take care of that; we are not a play off caliber team this year. Georgia  will beat us the same way they have beaten everyone else, easlily. Their offensive line is much better than ours and their defensive line is better also. If you can’t win the battle in the trenches, you can’t win. You can’t win them all and Alabama fans are spoiled. We not only want to win them all, we want to blow everyone out. That is why so many hate us figuratively speaking: they don’t really hate us I hope.

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