Zimri and Biden


Zimri broke in, attacked an assassinated Baasha, and made himself king.

~I Kings 16:10 NEB


They who live by the sword, die by the sword.


Baasha was the fourth king of Israel and followed the idolatrous pattern of Jeroboam. Israel, the Northern Kingdom, never had a good king. Baasha, who had been king for 24 years was at a friends house having a drinking party. Zimri broke in and killed him; then declared himself king. In the South, Judah’s kings were all descendants of David and a part of his dynasty but in the North, there was one purge after the other and no dynasties were ever established. When I read verse 10 and saw the wording, “He made himself king,” I couldn’t help but think of our present situation. Biden did not become king by common consent, he made {actually others} himself king. To pull this off, the dems had to commit fraud which is no big deal for a Democrat. Hey, when you lie, cheat and steal for a living, what is a little fraud.

How long did Zimri’s reign last? Would you like to guess? It lasted one week: that is correct, seven days. His only accomplishment was that he destroyed the previous king and his family. So many similarities: making oneself the king and then a reign of destruction. Zimri does hold the record of the shortest reign of any king in Israel’s history. There is a uniqueness to what the pundits call the Biden Administration which is a joke. He is the only president in history that has no skills or aptitude to administrate. The man doesn’t know who he is half the time. He doesn’t even administrate at home. He is told what to do and when to do it. I am curious: who exactly is telling him what to do? The dupes believe he is in charge but any level headed person knows that he is not. One thing is certain, to date it has been a reign of destruction. Not one constructive thing has been accomplished since he took the office.

Again I apologize for the weak content of the blog. I hope to get more time in the office this week than last. God is good and I do thank Him for allowing me to preach three times yesterday but I think June may be right. She says I need a break. I do love to study and prepare but the problem is organizing the material and remembering what I have learned in my study. Oh well, we just hope that something we said yesterday made sense and was an encouragement to someone. May His kingdom come and His will be done.

We were saddened to hear about Joyce Hogan Moore. I’ve known Joyce some 30 years. She started attending DBC in the 90’s and loved singing in the choir. Joyce was old school; she liked preachers who hollow and stomp. I knew she was not feeling well but I had no idea she had a heart condition.

I hope you have a great week and thanks for reading the blog. I have two concrete jobs and a root canal coming up. I am excited–there is nothing like a root canal to get a day started.

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