A Little Flower


Then Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume…and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping His feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance.

~John 12:3, NLT


Some times very little things can become a great encouragement.


I loved yesterdays entry in STREAMS IN THE DESERT IV. It is the story of a weary traveler walking through the county side of Sweden. The summer sun was beaming down on his head and so he stopped for a rest. He took shelter in a thicket of tall pines. He sat down in their shade and propped his back against one of the tree trunks. As he sat there to regain his energy, he smelled a very fragrant odor that was appealing to his senses. He began to look around and there growing from a clump of moss was a Linnea Blomma, a tiny wild flower that grows in this region.

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This tiny flower is half the size of a daisy and except for it’s rare essence, it could have gone unnoticed. This little wild flower produces a powerful fragrance. The weary traveler, being a lover of nature, held the tiny flower near his face and enjoyed it’s radiant perfume. Then he looked up to heaven and gave thanks to God for the encouragement that this tiny flower, hidden in the forest, gave to him at a time when he needed to be refreshed.

We all need to be refreshed from time to time. Even your computer has a REFRESH button. I probably use that button at least once a week and sometimes more. I was refreshed yesterday morning: a friend sent a short text–actually two words “Good Blog.” That was refreshing. Just as this traveler was refreshed by a tiny flower, I was refreshed by two little words. Coach Bryant use to say, “If you want to do big things, learn to do the little things well.” Refresh someone today. You can do it and with just a tiny bit of effort, you can make a huge difference.

Had a good visit with Vellene yesterday. She shared her time with Lou’s sister Mesinna {I guessed on the spelling}. This is Dian’s aunt and she will be 95 in November. She wants to be added to our prayer list. She too has cancer. They do not know if it is growing or spreading but she does have a tumor. Vellene is still Vellene, the Rock of Gibraltar. I was happy to hear that she had a lot of company over the weekend; mostly family I think but that is good.

I hate commercials but I do listen to a little talk radio but the commercials are getting worse. I rarely watch live TV for this reason. By streaming, we can watch an hour show in 35 minutes but it is getting worse. There are more commercials on Rick and Bubba than there is air time. The same is true with Boom-o Bug. It irritates me to no end.

Would you know it: I have waited all month to see Alabama and then they put them on at my bed time. I do not know what I am going to do. It is hard for me to watch one half and then go to bed, so I may just go to bed and let June tape it. That way I can watch it commercial free {if they win}. If they lose, I will not watch it at all. I will get to watch Auburn and Kentucky. I do admit it will be good to have college football on Saturday. I have not watched an NFL game all year and don’t plan to start.

I thought a lot about addictions last week. Rick and Bubba talked about kids and cell phones but it is not just kids. They told about a teenager, Tyler Hadley who had his phone and car taken due to his misconduct. He killed both parents. Could you go without your phone for a week? What about TV or the news paper. What about soap operas or the NFL? I will not mention SEC football, that would be meddling.

Not everyone encourages me to write blogs. It takes time and I do not have that many readers. I haven’t checked lately but probably less than 200. There is more than one reason I continue: [1] The blogs enable me to preach daily which has always been a goal. [2] Although I don’t have a huge audience in terms of quantity, I do have quality readers. They are conservative and highly intelligent. That is all I am going to say on that subject; my readers can read between the lines. [3] It is a spiritual discipline. If I don’t study and prayer, there is no blog. The blog comes out of my QT. Truth be known, I would probably blog if I had no readers but I sure do appreciate the ones I have. I belong to a small fraternity of men {seven, the sacred number} but other than these men, most of our readers are women and that seems to shock people. There is a small group of women, maybe larger than I think, that only read the EXTRA. Shame on you girls, I am trying to expand your mind.

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