Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

~Matthew 5:6, NIV


Behaviors that violate God’s word and creative design are harmful to ourselves and others.

~Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller has a very interesting view of “Blessedness.” He says it is much more than being happy or content. God put us in a virtual paradise and gave us only one command; in time we violated that single prohibition and the fall resulted. With the fall came a bad concussion and we have been dizzy headed since. We say and do things that don’t make sense. Our sin and transgression put us at odds with our Creator, our fellowman, our true selves and even the natural world. Keller believed that the state of “Blessedness,” is achieved when we get properly realigned in all four of these areas and that begins with “Repentance.” In repentance we get aligned with God; once we get right with Him, we have the ability to see our neighbor as He sees them and we begin to love our neighbors [fellowman]. As we get aligned with our heavenly Father, He reveals us to us: thus we come to know our true selves and our purpose in life. Then the natural world finds its proper place. Rebellion throws man completely out of line.

Our choices are simple and few: actually only two–Rebellion or repentance. All men are in one of those two states–active rebellion or active repentance. Neither rebellion or repentance are a single event or occurrence. Once I rebel, I move deeper and deeper into that state of rebellion until I repent. Once I repent, I keep on repenting as God in His marvelous grace is revealing me to me. A child of God never stops repenting: it is the way we live in the state of grace. If you are not repenting, you are not in grace.

Concerning Romans one and the current debate. Although Jesus did not address homosexuality in recorded scripture, it is addressed in the bible as a whole. Jesus did say in the sermon on the mount, For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Jesus always affirmed scripture. The libs are quick to point out that Paul is the only NT writer to condemn the practice of sodomy but in truth, it is condemned from Genesis to Revelation. In Romans one homosexuality is portrayed as an act of rebellion against God and the only solution is repentance. The great thing about preaching through the bible or an entire book of the bible is that it forces us to deal with difficult passages and thus preach the whole counsel of God. Some preachers pick their text carefully to make sure it fits their preconceived opinions. The reforms are notorious about this very thing. J.D. Greear and others like him are going to avoid Romans one–it has no place in their agenda. What does that tell you about J.D. Greear and those like him? They value their opinion more than they do the word of God.

Big Mama was so disappointed last night, she wanted snow. We did see a tiny bit of sleet on the way home from worship. She says we have another shot at it tomorrow night. I’m just glad it did not get as cold as they had predicted: there is a lot of difference between 32 and 26. I can live with 32 and above but I don’t like pipe freezing weather.

It was not until 1993 that archaeologist dug up artifacts that prove the existence of king David. Does this mean that Christians did not believe that king David existed before 1993? No, we believed because his life and times are recorded in the bible. People are saying today, some who falsely claim to be Baptist; we must not insist that the bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God and our sole authority for faith and practice. They say the bible is not completely trustworthy, its historically inaccurate and culturally regressive. In other words, “It is inspired in spots and we are to believe that they are inspired to pick out the spots.” No thank you, I’ll just take God’s word.

I kind of feel sorry for all those who’s last name is MOORE: Russel and Beth are dragging that name through the mud.

Ladies, do you know Beth Moore’s views on sexual perversion. You might want to check it out before buying more of her books. There is a reason why she supported Hillary and hates Trump.

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