Celebration Time: Come On!


Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good.

~Psalm 100:4-5. NLT



I don’t normally do a weekend blog but I did not hear the good news until after I had posted yesterday. David Wood was the first to tell me and then June came out and told me. To be honest, I was a little numb; deep down I wondered if I would live to see this day. Yes, I know this is just one battle and the war still rages. Thomas sent me this bit of info…The new mantra for the left is NO MURDER, NO PEACE. Sad but true, the left wing-communist activist will be encouraged by the president, dems and the media to burn the country down. The ediot in the White House made the remark…“What a sad day for Americans.” It the man so out of touch with reality that he doesn’t understand that the majority of Americans have never been for killing infants. No get it right stupid, it is a sad day for the Communist/Democratic Party in America. They may be grieving, but we are not.

I do understand that the decision has been given to the States and that abortion itself is not history. We will have to continue to defend the rights of the unborn but I do believe that Alabama and other states in fly over America will do the right thing. At least we have a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. June brother Dale called her and told her to tell me that my sign [ABORTION IS MURDER] finally paid off. It was an 8X14 billboard on four telephone poles on highway 36. The State made me take it down in the early 90’s. I have many regrets but none about the sign.

Wouldn’t it be great if the left bought themselves a large island or a small continent and all moved there so the rest of us could have some peace and happiness but you and I know that will never happen. Who would work? Who would pay taxes? Who would police the streets? Who would protect them from outside aggressors or serve in their military? No, it will not happen: they need us survive. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear one of them admit the truth.

Anyway, Thank you Supreme Court and especially Clarence Thomas for doing the right thing. Since 1973, an estimated 62 million babies have been terminated in abortions. The people responsible are just as guilty as Hitler or Stalin. They murdered 16 million adults. What is wrong with a society that defends the adults but not the babies? Anyway, praise the LORD for the decision. It is a ray of hope.

Have a great weekend and thanks for being an advocate for the unborn.

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