Churning Mud and Dirt


“But those who still reject Me are like the restless seawhich is never still but continually churns up mud and dirt.”

~Isaiah 57:20, NLT


Evil never takes a vacation; not so much as a day off.


Those who reject God and His Son are like restless waves on the sea: they are never at peace and they churn up dirt, scum and debris. Like the waves, they are restless and relentless. When you read Isaiah 57:20, several things come to mind. The democratic/socialist/marxist party for one but this verse also fits the media like a glove. What do you see and hear on the nightly news, the churning of mud and dirt. Did Trump do anything good? Not according to the media. He is the first president in history to identify with the pro-life movement in person. Trump attended the March For Life Rally and spoke. Ronald Reagan spoke over the intercom from the White House. He never made an appearance. I was there and I know this for a fact. Trump did more for middle American than any president in my life time. He was a friend to small business and he was a warrior for religious liberty. The economy boomed under his leadership and unemployment became a problem of the past and yet you never heard the media give him credit for one thing. It was a constant and relentless assault on his character and person–even on his family. What really galls the left is that if we had a fair election today, Trump would be our president. They knew they could not win without cheating and they are preparing to cheat again. They hate Trump because he represents the America of the last century and the one we love and cherish. Trump loves the constitution and free enterprise. The left {evil} hates the Republic {rule by law} and all that it stands for. They are dead set on destroying the republic and making this country a Marxist State where the elite will dictate to the masses. In other words, they intent to make us their slaves. There are going to have a hard time making Jason their slave and I hope he is not the only one rebelling against their autocratic dictatorship.

No one has convinced me yet that Covid is not or was not politically motivated and engineered from the get go. I would be willing to bet my house and farm that the elites not only knew about covid, they helped create it. It was plan A of their strategy to get rid of Trump. When they realized it wasn’t enough, they went to plan B, cheating in the election. I don’t think the LORD created covid; I think we can give the credit to the Chinese and the Marxist in this country who are working with them. The elites are not worried about covid, they have access to the good stuff that will knock it out in two days. Meanwhile, the common people suffer and this suffering has lead to the death of many. Covid has made life difficult, as if it were not difficult enough before. I can’t visit nursing homes. For almost one year, I couldn’t visit hospitals. My great grand son is coming in the morning, LORD willing, and I cannot be there. I will not lie, this mess makes me angry. I hate mask, I hate quarantine, and I hate covid period. No, I am not fond of Fauci or his fellow dems that help engineer and create this crisis. All these widow women who have lost their husbands to covid should be mad as hades at the folks who made it happen. I think most Americans agree and are sick of covid but there is no hope for the CNN addicts. You may has well try reasoning with a stump as to convince them of what is going on. They can’t bring themselves to blame the democrats for anything and most, if not all, are haters, Trump haters.


It was rather warm when I went to bed but it cooled off and already below freezing. No more rain. Just when I get use to the 50* stuff it turns cold and my body had to readjust. I actually ran the AC in my truck yesterday. Oh well, it is January and the deer hunters love the cold weather. Maybe it will kill some bugs.

We were down to 14 at the POINT last night. Covid has hit the POINT like a tidal wave. About half our congregation has covid and that includes Kay Edmonson who is 92 years old. Due to the covid, we are going outside on Sunday morning for the next three weeks. No Sunday school and one worship service at 9:30 am. Wednesday will remain the same. We have rescheduled our Breakfast for February 13 at 8:30.

Pray for Lexi and Holden. They go in tonight and they will induce Lexi in the morning. All your women who have been through this pray for Lexi: she is a little anxious about it. Her granddaddy is a little anxious about it. Have a great Thursday and thanks for reading the blog.

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