Conspiracy, Not Theory


Lord, listen to my complaint: Oh, preserve my life from the conspiracy of these wicked men, these gangs of criminals.

~Psalm 64:1-2, TLB


A conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

~Daniel Webster

When a fire breaks out, chances are someone set it. I do understand that some fires are caused by natural elements like lightening and others are caused by electrical problems but most fires have a human origin. The crucifixion of Jesus was a part of a diabolical plan. The orchestrators of this conspiracy were the Sadducees who had the most to lose from Jesus work and ministry. I don’t think people understand just how evil this group was and they still exist today. Conspirators always work in secret because the plans they are making are evil. They think they can manipulate circumstances and events in such a way that they will never be found out. This is why they work in secret: they are sly and cunning, like a fox. They are sneaky and deceitful.

Call me crazy, call me whatever you please but there is a conspiracy against our president and it is real. I am not saying that the corona virus is a myth, I am saying that there was a gross over reaction lead by health officials in this country who are a part of this left wing conspiracy. Now it appears that mayors of large cities and governors are a part of this diabolical plan to keep Donald Trump from being re-elected. Don’t you find it a little ironic that Walmart [left-wing corporate giant] got a free pass. I am also convinced that we do not know the truth about the George Floyd incident. They had a closed casket funeral I understand, was his body in the casket? Do truck loads of brick just happen to show up at certain places prior to a riots. Do riots just happen without instigation? The virus was not getting them the results they wanted and the riots was plan B. Are we sure that thousands are dying with the virus? Have you seen any die from the virus? Are you sure that George Floyd was murdered: have you seen his lifeless body? If BLM is really concerned about black lives, why did they destroy businesses owned by blacks and murder black policemen? I will answer the last question. The left is not concerned with Black lives, they are trying to produce anarchy. It is a last ditch effort to destroy our president. The left hates the republic, the constitution and American history. They hate nationalism and patriotism. They hate Donald Trump with a passion and yes, they would destroy the entire country just to hurt him. The riots didn’t just happen, they were planned, promoted and paid for by the left. I am sure they are smart enough to create some firewalls but back in the dark secret places, you will find the George Sorros {Rich Jews, Sadducees} and the left. Now they are telling us it is unsafe to go to church or to the voting place. I am telling you folks, the left is behind the entire thing. Had they stayed out of our lives, the virus would have run its course and it would have been no worse than the Swine Flu. Anyone want to go to Seattle for a vacation? These idiots have cut off their nose to spite their face. Liberals are stupid. There is one thing worse than bad government and that is anarchy. Evidently, these dip sticks have never studied history.

Not sure but I don’t think I got the blog posted yesterday. When I turned on my computer, it was listed as a draft which means I did not hit the publish button a second time. If that is so: let me thank all the parent who trusted us with their children this past week. We had a great VBS. We learned that there are some things that are not going to work. We are looking at a day school next year: Monday through Friday–9:00-11:30 with a picnic on Friday and a fun time. Our workers were fantastic but we got no support from the congregation which is a universal problem. I do want to commend my workers.

Prayer partners: I need some extra grace today–can’t talk about the need due to it’s sensitivity but I could use some extra prayer. Preaching and teaching is fun but there are other things that are not. All of you need to pray for your president and your pastor everyday. They have to deal with things that you know nothing about. Both need your prayers.

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