Controlling Your Appetite



~Matthew 4:4, NASB


“Physically, the more you eat the less you hunger. Spiritually it is the opposite, the more you feast on God’s word, the greater your appetite.”

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

What will increase your spiritual appetite? The answer is simple: the word of God. I am reading the MESSAGE and today, I read the sermon on the mount. If you have not read the sermon from the Message, you need to do so soon. The first beattitude goes like this...“You’re blessed if you are at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God.” Tell me that does not resonate with your inner being. I admit that all of us, from time to time, encounter what we call dry spells but just keep reading. Truth be said, the greater problem is not dryness, it is our lack of discipline.

A few years ago Anthony found out that June was a huge Cardinal fan and he sent us to St. Louis with expenses paid. We sat on the 4th row, right behind home plate. Our food was free and we had a restaurant right behind us. Anthony told me more than once...”Do not eat after breakfast because you get the meal in the restaurant and then all your concessions are free.” June and walked to the old train station which has been converted into a mall and there they had fudge, butter pecan fudge. I bought an entire bar [4-6 ounces] to carry back to the room. About one o’clock, I decided a little pinch of fudge would not hurt me. Long story short, I ate the entire bar. We got to the stadium restaurant and I was not hungry. I ordered a salad. We got into our seats and June had a ball. She got one of everything whether she liked it or not–free stuff turns Big Mama on. I had no appetite for anything. I drank a coke but never ate a thing. I had spoiled my appetite with candy.

What on earth does this story have to do with spiritual appetite? If it is your habit to feast on newspapers, TV, radio, fiction, videos, and magazines, you are not going to have an appetite for the word of God. The world, like the sugar in the fudge, will give you a rush and it will destroy your spiritual appetite. Never read a paper, watch TV or feast from any worldly outlet until you have had your quiet time. Eventually, you will have no appetite for newspapers, magazines, or even TV. I listen to some talk radio but not much. I enjoy listening to sermons on YouTube while I drive. The reason is not all spiritual: I hate commercials. The way to increase your faith and your spiritual appetite is to cut down on your worldly intake.

I am posting earlier because I am doing it from my office: my home computer is horrible. When I go in for the night, I don’t want to come back to my building so I am posting early.

We need to pray for President Trump and our leaders: I mean real leaders–Trump, Pence, Cabinet and Military. If you want to pray for the democrats and you need a format for a good prayer, go to Psalm 10, “Let their feet get entangled in the net they hidden to ensnare others…may they be trapped in their own devices…May their crafty schemes prove to be their undoing…They boast of their desire to hurt others, in their greed, they curse the LORD. In their pride they have no place for God. There is no place for God in their schemes and they scoff at all their adversaries {Jesus, Trump, Me and all those like me}. Because they have escaped misfortune, they think they will never be judged for their sins. They also murder the innocent by stealth.

All of the above came out of the Revised English Bible, Psalms 10, word for word. Incredible isn’t it. It has democrat written all over it. These fools are willing to destroy the country in order to destroy Donald Trump. Never in the history of our nation has political differences not be set aside for the sake of national security—until NOW! A fool is a person who denies reality. These morons are siding with Iran. They will have a rude awakening if and when the Muslims take over.

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