Deep Anguish


Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint; heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony. My soul is in deep anguishHow long, Lord, how long?

~Psalm 6:2-3, NLT


Everyone has problems, even kings. David didn’t have financial problems but he did have domestic problems. When your own son is threatening your life, that can cause deep anguish. Anguish touches the soul: it affects the unseen parts of our human makeup. When problems come there are several responses that you and I can make. First, we can do like the Dove. The Dove is a timid bird who avoids any sign of trouble or confrontation. When the Dove sees a storm on the horizon or senses a threat, it flies away. We call this running from our problems and it may give us short-term relief but sooner or later our problems are going to crop up again. Flight does not solve problems, it simply gives them time to grow. A second response which is very tempting is self-pity. We can play the poor pitiful me card. Self-pity is certainly not the answer. Although I don’t see it in this Psalm, blaming others is another response. If you are drowning, it doesn’t matter how you got in over your head, you must acknowledge your dilemma and cry out for help. Someone may have pushed you off the bridge but that is history; the crisis at hand in drowning. A solution to getting out of the deep water and getting to safety is not to blame the person who pushed you off the bridge. The solution is a cry for help. At least half of the solution to any problem is to admit the problem. Sometimes this takes a lot of courage and honesty just to do that much.

Top Ten Things I’d Like To Forget

  1. The National Championship on Monday night.
  2. The National Championship two years ago when Clemson won on the last play.
  3. The Iron Bowl where we lead 24-0 and then blew it.
  4. The Iron Bowl where we tried to kick a field goal and they returned in for a TD.
  5. Punt Bama Punt.
  6. The Jimmy Carter presidency.
  7. Buying the bull dozier.
  8. Selling Seth’s hunting land.
  9. Going to Athens High School.
  10. Democrats in general: Hillary, Nancy, Bill, Jimbo the peanut farmer, Chuckie and the entire kit and kabootal.

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