Dirty Little Birds


So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

~Matthew 10:31, NIV


While those who are of the law {moralist, religious} are arrogant and boastful, they who are of faith are humble and despise their own righteousness.

~Martin Luther

King David was envious of the priest and the birds [sparrows and swallows]. The priest had the privilege of living in the sanctuary and the birds could build their nest near the altar. I like the fact that David used the sparrow as an example. The sparrow is a dirty little bird that no one loves. They are tiny and the color of dirt: they are extremely messy and for that reason are hated. Bird watchers like June don’t get a kick out of seeing the sparrows. June loves the birds of color. She especially loves seeing the tiny blue bird and she admires the cardinals. I’ve never meet a person who loves sparrows. Tracey’s mother use to keep a BB gun in the kitchen so she could shot the sparrows. She had a small opening in her kitchen window, just big enough to get the barrel of her BB gun in and from there, she mowed them down.

When I read Psalm 84 a few days ago, I long, yes, faint with longing to be able to enter your courtyard and come near to the Living God. Even the sparrows and swallows are welcome to come and nest among your altars and there have their young, O Lord of heaven’s armies, my King and my God! When I read these verses, I almost shouted. Why? Because I am a sparrow. Yes, I am a dirty little bird hated and unappreciated by the world. I would love to be a shinny white dove but I am a sparrow. Don’t get concerned about my self-esteem; I am just saying from a spiritual point of view that I have no righteousness. A part of our sanctification is the growing realization of our depravity and sinfulness. I’m just being honest: I am a dirty brown sparrow not a glorious white dove. The gospel, the good news is that God cares about sparrows. Because of the atoning work of Christ and the power of His grace to sanctify, I am welcome into the presence of God. Wow! All glory and praise to the LAMB that was slain! I love it!

Hey, this world hasn’t done me any favors. It has not been so good and kind to me that I should love it. It has disappointed me more times than I can count. It has excluded me more times that I care to remember. You can have this world if that is what you want but give me JESUS.

We are heading the the POINT here is just a few minutes. I changed my message at the last hour so who knows what is going to come out today. I am trusting the Holy Spirit to preach through me. I am always uncomfortable when this happens. I am much more confident when I am prepared but I sense the LORD leading me to step out on faith. Pray please!

I need to give the LORD thanks for a big July 4th celebration. The good news is: I didn’t have to go anywhere, we had the celebration right here at 1120 Iron Man. I think we had a total of 38. They were still shooting fireworks when I went to bed. Some of them could not believe I would leave a party to shower and go to bed but if you are here on Saturday night, you can expect that to happen. June or Holly will take care of you. I am not a good host after 7:00 PM on Saturday night.

Have a great July 5th. My father, Eugene Luther Bailey, was promoted on July 5th 1995. He was a patriot. He would not be happy with what’s going on today. I’m glad he doesn’t have to see it.

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