Do Black Lives Matter?


His loved ones are very precious to Him, and He does not lightly let them die.

~Psalm 116:15, TLB


Christ died for YOU just as if YOU were the only person in the world.

~C.S. Lewis

Many things, actually most, are not what they seem. Black lives matter is not about black lives. Besides that, the premise is faulty–All lives matter. Who is to determine which lives matter most? How is it that the life of a black criminal and drug user is more important than the life of a black baby or a white baby? Actually, we shouldn’t be talking about black and white, just babies. BLM is not about saving black lives. If they were serious about saving black lives they would be protesting at the abortions clinics that are killing black babies left and right. Does it not astound you that in the present culture, a baby’s life is not valued? Let me share Psalm 116:15 in the JEV, God’s loved ones are very precious to Him, and He does not take the death of any lightly.” Every life is precious to God and should be to us. This includes babies, the elderly and people of all races. There is no gospel in BLACK LIVES MATTER. The racist overtones of BLM alienates 70% of the world’s population. What is it with this segregation of sanctity of life? All lives matter to God! I can’t help but think about our hyper-Calvinist friends who teach and preach that some lives matter, namely the elect. Jesus said, “For God so loved the world.” The world is 7 billion people of all colors and races. Why are we valuing one life over another.

Do we value the life of a black criminal over the life of careless policemen of whatever color. Why is one more valuable than the other? People in nursing homes are dying of loneliness: why aren’t their lives valued as much as those with Covid-19? I am not insensitive to the pain that the virus is causing; nor the death. Death is not a new thing; he came into our world on the back of sin and it is all around us. My friend Charlie is on his death bed. I have a COLS Sunday of a woman who died alone in a nursing home. I have a friend at UAB with a severe stroke. The virus and the way it has been handled has brought us face to face with the reality of death. Many people believe that Hezekiah wrote Psalm 116…Hezekiah said, “Death stared me in the face and I was frightened.” This is exactly what the virus has done, or is doing, it is making us face our immortality and we are afraid. Very few seem to be getting the point: do we want to live in fear? I don’t and I pray constantly that fear not become my master.

I am 71 years old, I have Asthma and phrenic nerve paralysis. The diaphragm of my left lung is paralyzed; it does not work. My oxygen level ranges from low to mid 90’s. There is no cure for the diaphragm. I don’t know how much time I have left but one thing I do know, I want to make the best of that time. I may get the virus. I may be promoted because of it but my prayer is a simple one: “LORD give me peace and courage.” I understand these two things come through Christ but with these two, I don’t need anything else. I am not making light of the virus or those who are frightened by it and I am certainly not insensitive to the pain and death it is causing. Just remember, it is not the only thing killing people.

The Covid-19 threat has been hard on some of our churches. Fortunately, we are doing well at Grace Point, not setting the woods on fire but maintaining and growing a little. DBC is also doing well and are back into several ministries: Sunday School, Weekday Education, Block Party and others. We do need to be aware of the fact that some churches are really struggling. Two of these situations were brought to my attention last Monday at the Pastor’s Conference. These church had tiny congregations before the virus and now they are struggling to survive. The two pastor’s that I am thinking of are very good men and dear friends. I have been praying for them this week.

Good News!

*Jonathan Issac shirts are out of stock and have become the number one NBA seller. Hallelujah! June was going to order Ryder and Ty one Tuesday night and they were out. Issac’s jersey was number 2 Monday but in less than 24 hours became the hottest shirt in sports. He took a stand for Jesus and the flag and America responded. Thank you Jonathan, we needed that display of courage.

*FOX News is the highest rated TV show in terms of viewers…higher the Laker Basketball or Yankee Baseball. This has a lot of people upset.

*You can watch RICK and BUBBA on Youtube if you have a smart TV. It is a good way to start your morning. I listen during breakfast. This a.m. I learned that coach John Gruden faked having the virus and so did a former Vanderbilt University professor. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it. The link to the last story is

We had great attendance last night at the POINT. I didn’t count but all total, I would say around 40 which is very good for us. PTL!

June and I ran by to see Charlie after church. He was in a deep sleep. For the first time, I could not get him to open his eyes.


I heard an old country song yesterday. I had heard it before but never paid it any attention to the words.

Why don’t You love Me Like You Use To Do

Why don’t you love me like you use to do? Why do you treat me like a worn out shoe. My hair is still curly and my eyes are still blue, why don’t you love me like you use to do?

I aint had no lovin like huggin and kissin is a long, long while. You don’t get nearer than a country mile. Why don’t you spark me like you used to do, and say sweet nothings even if they aint true. I’m the same old trouble that you always been through so why don’t you love me like you use to do?

Why don’t you love me like you use to do? How come you find so many faults with me. Someone has changed so let me give you a clue, why don’t you love me like you use to do? Why don’t you say the things you use to say, why do you treat me like a piece of clay? My hair is still curly and my eyes are blue, so why don’t you love me like you use to do?

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