Ezekiel’s Story


No one had the slightest interest in you; no one pitied you or cared for you. On that day when you were born, you were dumped out into a field and left to die, unwanted.

~Ezekiel 16:5, TLB


No one ever cared for me like Jesus, There’s no other friend so kind as He;
No one else could take the sin and darkness from me, O how much He cared for me.
~Billy Gaines
I don’t know how many times I have read through the Bible but I can tell you, I always dread Ezekiel. I absolutely love Isaiah and Jeremiah. I even love the book of Ecclesiastes but for some reason, I have always had a difficult time reading and understanding Ezekiel. This time around it has been totally different. I can’t wait to get to the next days reading. Ezekiel tells a story in chapter 16 about an unwanted baby. The baby was mixed racially and laid in an open field just after birth. The umbilical cord was uncut, and the baby was bloody and unwashed and unclothed. No one had shown the slightest interest in this child; no one pitied her or cared for her. She was dumped in a field and left to die. Then along came a handsome man of noble character and he had mercy on the baby. He picked her up, takes her home and cares for her. She grows up to be a beautiful young woman and the man falls in love with her. Since she is no longer his child but his wife, he lavished her with more gifts than she ever imagined. All kinds of expensive jewelry and dresses galore. She had a dress for every occasion plus the finest perfumes that money can buy. She was the envy of every woman in the community. Her savior/husband was good to her. He treated her like a queen. There was nothing that he had that he was not willing to share with her. For most women, it was a dream come true and a blessing that would make a woman thankful but not this woman. She had an eye for adultery and when her husband was away, she was unfaithful. She was not a prostitute who charges a fee, no she was worse–she paid them to have sex with her. She was worse than a harlot; she was ungrateful, unfaithful and disloyal. She betrayed her husbands love; she violated his trust.
Who was this woman? I will give you a hint, she had two half sisters: one by the name of Samaria and one by the name of Sodom. By the way, her husband knew the half sisters and their history and he said, “When it comes to evil and rebellion, my wife puts her two sisters to shame.” Who was this unfaithful wife? It was Israel or to be more specific, it was Judah {Jews}. God’s goodness should lead us to repentance and to a spirit of gratitude. How evil is it to take all His good gifts and give Him nothing in return?


I’m not sure I found the right source but I think Tracey won and so did Randy. I also think Mo won but will be in a runoff which means there is hope of defeating PAC money in the Senate race. Britt is bought and paid for. The discouraging thing is governor. What is wrong with people. We have a lesbian and a rhino as governor and she is certainly a friend of PACs and big business. I was so in hopes there would be a run off. It could be worse; we could have a Biden. Our friend John Roberts did pretty good but we have a special interest person to defeat in this race. If they are getting PAC money, we are against them.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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