Falling Short


May the reign of this son of mine be as gentle and fruitful as the springtime rains upon the grass—like showers that water the earth!

~Psalm 72:6, TLB


To avoid needless disappointment, keep your eyes on Jesus and your expectations of humans low.


David had many sons. If my memory is correct he had 21 listed in the bible. I do know it was more than twenty and there are probably more than what is recorded. He had both wives and concubines and no contraceptives. He must have noticed Solomon’s intelligence early on and there is no doubt, David groomed him to be the next king. Psalm 72 is a prayer of David for his son Solomon. It is a very interesting prayer and David’s expectations for Solomon were very high. I have jotted down just a few of the things David asks for in regards to Solomon…

[1] Help him to give justice to your people, even to the poor. [2] May the mountains and hills flourish in prosperity because of his good reign. [3] Help him to defend the poor and needy and to crush their oppressors. [4] May all good men flourish under his reign. [5] Let him reign from sea to sea and from the Euphrates River to the ends of the earth. [6] Let kings bring him gifts and bow before him. [7] Let all serve him. [8] Let him be a defender of the poor, helpless and oppressed. Let their lives be precious to him. [9] May there be constant praise for him. [10] Let his name will be honored forever.

Wow, what a list! David had high expectations for his son but in truth, his son was a huge disappointment. Solomon not only neglected the poor and oppressed, he oppressed them himself. He never had a heart for the poor like his father. He did not live up to David’s expectations when it came to caring for people who were subject to him. Amazingly, many of the things David asks for materialized but when you stack them all up, Solomon came short, exceedingly short. Ironically, Jesus fulfills every request. David had Solomon in mind, but the Holy Spirit who inspired David had Jesus in mind. Bud Wilkinson would say “tremendous.” Keith would say “unbelievable.” Jack would say “incredible,” and John Newton would say “Oh what a Savior!”

I hope you have a great day and weekend and join me in praying for rain. I have the pumpkin patch turned but we need a rain for me to get it ready to plant. I’ll take one inch but two would be better. I would not complain with three or four.

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