“I will scatter you like chaff driven by the desert wind. This is your lot”…declares the Lord, “because you have forgotten me and trusted in false gods.”

~Jeremiah 13:25, NIV


The mind is a terrible thing to lose.


The United Negro College Fund motto is…THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE. I agree with that statement but the older I get the more I realize that the mind is a terrible thing to lose. President Ronald Reagan died with Alzheimer’s. On most days, he didn’t recognize are know anyone. Mrs. Reagan could tell if he did or did not recognize her by looking into his eyes. When there was fear in his eyes, she knew that he did not know himself or her. Can you imagine waking up in a world where everyone is a total stranger: it has to be a lonely and frightening feeling. Big Mama has taken on a new role: she is my associate pastor and minister of humility. She keeps up with the sick, the meetings, the special events, etc. She helps me remember important events. People know not to hand me anything because I will lay it down and will not remember getting it or what I did with it. I think most folks understand that a 70 year old straight, white, angry, deplorable male is going to be forgetful but this is not what Jeremiah is talking about.

The worse of all forgetting is to forget God. Israel forgot their Maker and Redeemer. They lived as though God did not exist. There was no place in their schedule for God. They didn’t even think about God; He was forgotten. Here is a thought to ponder, Jesus was forgotten {forsaken on the cross} so that you and I would not be. God has not forgotten you. If He knows all the stars by name, He surely knows your name. It is a terrible thing to be forgotten; to be left out as if you did not exist. Be of good cheer, the LORD never forgets. May we never forget from whence all blessing flow.

We carried Holly to Halsey’s yesterday in downtown Huntsville and she notice a war memorial park that I had not noticed. It is at the bottom of the Washington Ave. ramp. Between the off and on ramp of I-565. I was very impressed with one exception. They have two Yankee soldiers and no confederates. It’s getting bad when the heart of the confederacy bows to political correctness. Other than that, it is an impressive memorial.

Speaking of Political Correctness; have you ever heard of ADEM {Alabama Department of Environmental Management}. It is the State’s version of the Environmental Destruction Agency out of D.C. We need both about like we need a migraine. Hopefully Trump can close some of this useless nonsense down in the next four years. These morons are worried about the ozone. Come on Alabama, is Al Gore running this state? From time to time, we need to burn. Fire purifies!

Continue to pray for Lilly and Tracey B.

Boycott Nike!

Pray for Trump

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