If You LORD, kept a record of sins, who could stand. But with You there is forgiveness.

~Psalm 130:4, REB


God’s forgiveness generates a joyful fear and wonder that empowers us for service.

~Timothy Keller

If David punches Jason in the face, I can’t go to David and tell him I forgive him because it was not me that he punched. The only way you can forgive a sin is that it is against you. If David punches me in the face, then I can forgive him because his offense hurt me personally. Remember the story where they let the paralytic down through the roof. Have you ever noticed what Jesus said to him first? Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the man, “Young man, your sins are forgiven.” Jesus pronouncing forgiveness on the man upset the Pharisees and Scribes, “Who does He think He is?” Then they said, “Only God can forgive sins.” How true because all sin is against God and of course Jesus is God. All sin is not against me and all sin is not against you but ALL SIN is against God. There are two factors to consider: God is holy and all sin offends His holy nature and we are God’s creatures, thus He is personally offended when someone hurts us. You cannot sin against your brother without sinning against God.

Since we all do and say things that hurt others, we are all sinners–no exceptions. To be free of guilt and to have peace with God, we need forgiveness. The Psalmist is rejoicing over the fact that God forgives sinners. The NIV translates it like this…Lord, suppose You kept a close watch on sins. Lord, who then wouldn’t be found guilty? But You forgive. So we can serve You with respect. Have you ever hurt some one deeply with an unkind word or action? Perhaps you hurt them in ignorance but due to your stupidity, they got hurt. Do you remember the relief and the joy you felt when you confessed to them and they said, “I forgive you.” Forgiveness is sweet and it generates joy and thanksgiving; it gives you a heart to serve. I sinned against my own earthly father. I thought I was a much better man than he due to the fact that he had some bad habits–he was fluent in French–but I came to realize my mistake and I sought his forgiveness. It generated in me a deep joy and thanksgiving and I became my father’s servant. Why did my daddy have a stroke and become helpless? I don’t know all the reasons but one was to give me the opportunity to serve him and I thank God for the opportunity. FORGIVENESS is good: seek it with all your heart and don’t be selfish with it–give it to others.

The LORD is good: I longed for Sunday night to come so I could relax, stay up late and maybe enjoy a movie. By the time I got home from Church, I realized I had more places to be on Monday than I could be. The LORD woke me up early Monday morning and I asked HIM specifically to help me and to lead me, to guide my steps and HE did: I stayed on the run but I have no doubt He had me at all the right places at the right time. He used June to help but I’m going to give HIM the credit.

I will be out of pocket most of this day; June’s oral surgery got moved up to this a.m. at 11:00. I still plan to make it to Cullman for Sue Wood’s hip surgery. All the surgeries and procedures went well yesterday. PTL, I love good news! I praying for more good news today.

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