GOD Is Great!


But may all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; may those who long for Your saving help always say, “The Lord is great!”

~Psalm 70:4, NIV


The LORD is more ready to hear than we are to pray, and He is inclined to give us more than we desire and deserve.

~Timothy Keller

I think I can say will all honesty that I seek the LORD. I know for sure that He is my refuge, the One in whom I trust. I tell folks that I have put all my eggs in one basket and that is Jesus. He is my Rock, Refuge and hope of salvation. I have no confidence in Jack or in religion: my only hope is Jesus. I have been faced with a lot of disappointing news lately. A friend told me Saturday’s a week ago about a friend with cancer and a cloud of disappointment settled over me. Before that cloud could move, I got the news about Lilly and the failure of the treatment. I do handle bad news nearly as well as Job. Yesterday coming home from church, more bad news that brought great disappointment. Here lately, my favorite song is “Be Still My Soul…The LORD is on His throne.” I have to tell myself [soul] to shut up: if I keep listening to my soul, I will get discouraged. We have to learn to REJOICE in HIM, not our circumstances. We want the circumstances to change, He wants us to change.

Then yesterday, I read the quote by Keller. This came as I was about to pray and I was dying to pray. When I read the quote I had some doubt. I really wanted to talk to the Lord, could it be possible that He wanted to hear what I had to say more than I wanted to say it? I hope Keller is right: If God’s desire to listen to me is greater than my desire to speak with Him, that is a huge encouragement. Why do we have so many disappointments, so many potholes in the road? I don’t know that I can answer the question but lately I’ve been meditating on God’s wisdom and foreknowledge. You know He does have a plan and He does know what He is doing although we do not. I think the key is just to trust His plan and to not question His timing. Obviously, I am not an example anyone should follow but I’ve been encouraging my soul to trust His plan.

Auburn got another horrible call in the baseball game yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m a little confused but I think we may end up with 2-3 SEC teams in the World Series. LSU was fighting to stay alive when I went to the office to work on the blog. MSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas still have a shot and I think Vandy advanced.

You are not going to believe this but we are still dry at 1120 Ironman. It has rained all around us but we just cannot get a soaker. The only precipitation we got was on the first two days of the slow drizzle which was less than a half inch. A half a day of hot sun and we will have dust. It is unbelievable. Hartselle got a big rain Saturday night and another one yesterday. They got over 3 inches on the East side of the county. I telling the truth, we need rain.

Check this toilet tissue ad out…a gay couple…No more Cottonelle at 1120


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