“Don’t worry about this Philistine,” David told Saul. “I’ll go fight him!” “Don’t be ridiculous!” Saul replied. “There’s no way you can fight this Philistine and possibly win!”

~I Samuel 17:32-33


God sees nothing great or small and certainly nothing impossible.


Problems can seem larger than mountains; so big, so gigantic that we become intimidated by there mere size. What influence do I have with Chick-Fil-A? How can I get the blood hounds off of Trumps heels? I will not lie, these are huge and seemly insurmountable problems. I want Chick-Fil-A to remain loyal to their base and to their mission statement. I want Congress to do their job and to work with our President, not undermine everything he does. The democrats should all be locked up for treason but fat chance of that happening. The Clinton’s seem to hold a get of of jail free card: they keep eliminating all those who can testify against them for treason and corruption.

Goliath was a freak of nature: he was over nine feet tall and he was a seasoned veteran of combat. He had been fighting his entire life. He intimidated the entire Israeli army including their 6’8″ king. He literally had the shaking in their boots. What frightened Saul and his army infuriated David. He was disgusted with the entire bunch: Why has no one shut this big mouth up? Why are you letting him blaspheme our God? Someone needs to do something to silence this heathen. The only thing that was being done was “talking about the problem” and of course, they were talking among themselves and that is seldom the answer because the answer does not lie within the human realm. The only way to bring down a giant is to talk to the LORD. I pray daily for the LORD to dismantle the wicked house of abortion; to take it down plank by plank until there is nothing left but a memory. The left is anti-Christ, just like Goliath and they are just as intimidating. They run those lying tongues 24/7/365. Evil never lacks energy for they are empowered by hell itself. Who can bring down such a wicked empire? I can’t and neither can you. Donald J. Trump cannot and neither can the spineless Republicans. Who can silence the wicked? There is only one person I know that is capable and to the unbelieving world, He is the most unlikely.

You see folks, David is a type of Christ. I am not a giant killer, I am as intimidated as the next guy. Jesus is the ONE and the only person who can bring down this evil empire. Don’t look to Saul {politicians}; don’t look to the army {military}; look to the Anointed One. The One God has chosen to intervene in our human situation.

Many years ago I got involved in a very unpleasant situation and news of my involvement spread. I bumped into a business man in Hartselle and he felt compelled to give me his advice. He said, “Jack, you are pouring water up hill. You cannot do anything about this problem so you may as well let it go.” He wasn’t being ugly or unkind, he thought he was giving me good advice and I thanked him. But as I walked away I thought to myself: “I can’t do anything but the God I serve can,” and I made it a matter of prayer and within a year the problem was solved. Join me, pray daily for the wicked house of abortion to collapse.

Absolutely beautiful day yesterday: can’t beat the weather with a stick. We had a great crowd at GRACE POINT [121]. A record in our brief tenure. Deidra and Soy did great, Grace Point loved them. I let the congregation preach and they did great. Just a great day all the way around.

The LUKE 14 at DBC also went great. I must confess, I thought they would have trouble with food with my generation exiting the scene: no so, they had more food than I’ve ever seen at a Luke 14 banquet. I to miss Tom and Hugh and many others but it was good to see Ken Nelson last night. Practically all of the old Central building team have been promoted but it was so encouraging to see Ken who looks just like he always looked. We didn’t have many seniors: Felton, Nayola, Granny, Sarah, Jean, June, Myself and Jerry and Sheila but the middle adults turned out in mass. Great job Mandy and crew!

Yesterday was Hugh’s birthday. Joe and I talked last night about old times. It is a blessing to have great friends and I really miss those who have been promoted but God is raising up a new generation of ministers.

I want to do a little prophesying: within two years, Chick-Fil-A will be opening on Sundays. One compromise will lead to another–Mark my word and hold me accountable.

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