Good People Praise God


Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful.

~Psalm 33:1 NKJV


In prayer we act like men. In praise we act like angels.

~Thomas Watson

I attended the Morgan County Pastor’s Conference last Monday and we had a larger than usual crowd. We have an excellent praise and worship leader. He was raised Methodist and he knows a lot of songs I’ve never heard but he knows what he is doing. I wish I had a recording of the singing Monday morning. No one sings like preachers and I never knew the reason for this until it hit me while I was reading Psalm 33 in the MESSAGE. People who are living right praise the LORD: Praise befits the upright! Those who live daily to please themselves don’t have any desire to praise the LORD. I’m telling you, those preachers were raising the roof and I could not hear myself. There are some in the audience that will question what I just said but I am telling the truth. If we could get our congregations to sing like those preachers were singing Monday morning, we would have revival. Of course, they would have to get right with God to be in a position to praise in such a manner.

So which comes first, getting right with God or praising Him with the whole heart? I know one thing, David was right, praise from the upright is beautiful. It reminds me of my first Evangelism Conference. The conference was at Oak Park Baptist Church in Birmingham. They had a sanctuary that would seat about 2,000 and it was packed with preachers. Bro. Inman and I got there late and we had to sit on the front pew which was OK by me. They were singing a hymn when we walked in and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had never heard anything like it. David has a point: it is people who are trying to live right that do the praising: praise makes sense to the upright. Think about it, why would a selfish person want to praise God? In Psalm 33:8 David said, “Everyone in the world should praise God,” but they don’t and there is only one thing keeping them from it–SIN and a personal relationship with Jesus.

Enjoyed the sunshine: wonderful day, thank You Jesus! Got to have lunch with my sibling yesterday, that was a blessing. John and Bill were doing good yesterday but keep praying for two of the best men in the country. God bless you and have a great day.

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