Grace Verses Works


Take your pay and go home, I choose to give the last man the same as you.

~Matthew 20:14, REB


GRACE is the free, the undeserved favor of God to mankind.

~Matthew Henry

Matthew 20 details the story of the land baron who went to the market place to hire workers. He was there before day break and he hired everyone he saw. He came back incrementally throughout the day and hired whoever was willing to work. He even came at 5:00 pm, just one hour before quitting time and hired more workers. At quitting time he had his foreman pay the workers and those who had worked all day assumed that would get more than those who had worked one hour but that is not what happened, they were all paid the same. With this the ones who had worked 12 hours began to complain of unfair labor practices.

What we have here is a contrast between those who believe in Grace and those who believe in works. Those who have a works theology are overly concerned with justice and fairness. They feel victimized and mistreated. They also do not understand or appreciate the generosity of God and his passion to give to the undeserving. Thirdly, they are unhappy with grace itself which leads them to be complainers. Fourth, they are ungrateful. People who understand GRACE are happy with what God has given them and thrilled that they are not getting what they deserve. Thus they are very grateful and instead of complaining, they are given to praise because they have a higher view of God. Our worship will never rise above the level of our view of God.

Sorry, thought this got posted last night: and the explanation for Monday is below…Let try again!

I wrote this blog last week and had it ready to post but the computer in the house went down and I was to lazy to move to my building. So I decided to give you a day off: in the meantime, it has rained several inches. We now have mud at 1120. Praise God for the cool weather and the rain. Let me say it again, praise God from whom all blessing flow.

I know most of you are not interested in my sports analysis but the game between Auburn and Florida has to be a classic. It was a throw back to yesteryear when defense was supreme. Unfortunately, no one else in the SEC has a defense like Auburn or Florida. If I were a coach, I wouldn’t want to play either one of them, especially at their place. I am anxious to see how many LSU puts up against Florida. I think they will do great to get 24, even at their place. If they were playing in the swamp, I would give them 17. My question is Florida’s offence.

Big Mama has been busy packing for Guatemala and getting ready for the prayer meeting tonight. Continue to pray for Tracey B and Lilly G.

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