Gross Ignorance


“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

~Luke 23:34, NLT


The worse thing in this world, other than anarchy, is government.

~Henry Ward Beecher

Anger, frustration, dismay, unbelief, shock; I don’t think I can find one adjective to describe how I’m feeling about the anarchy going on in America. First of all, the mayor of Birmingham practically sent them an engraved invitation to loot the city. What a comfort–your local civic authority saying come on to these thieves, thugs and worthless parasites. I guarantee you, you cannot find one contributor in this mob. They never served in the military, they don’t work and pay taxes–they are thugs for hire. My biggest question is why has this none sense not been stopped. I can see it breaking out unexpectedly in a single location but these folks are on tour, going from city to city. We know they are coming and what they are going to do and yet we do nothing to stop them. They even have bricks hauled in by the truck loads in preparation for their next riot. Someone is ordering and paying for the brick; my guest is George Soros. This thing didn’t just happen and it has basically nothing to do with the unfortunate and disgraceful incident in Minnesota. Who videoed the tragic death of George Floyd. At what point do you put your phone down and do something to save the man. Even if the crime was racially motivated, the response of the BLM is unjustified.

Here is my theory and I am not the only one who shares it: the Covid-19 virus was not getting the response the left wanted and the outburst of so-call righteous indignation is plan B. These demonstrators, for lack of a better word, are a part of a plan. This stuff is not just happening and it is not a response to George Floyd’s tragic murder. BLM had taken a black eye some years ago and had gone dormant and the Floyd incident was just what they needed to reignite the fire. It is a known fact that Soros sponsors BLM which has never been about black lives. Black folks are begging these thugs to quit. The so-called BLM is doing untold damage to the black community. I am telling you, the blacks are not the problem. The problem is the Washington elites known as democrats. These people use blacks to further their evil agenda. They are killing black babies by the millions in abortion clinics across this country. If black lives really mattered to the left, why do they promote abortion. They will stop at nothing to sabotage Donald Trumps bid for re-election. I am not blaming the blacks are the Jews: I am blaming the rich Jews like Soros and the elite democrats. In other words, I am blaming the left. I am convinced they planned the entire thing and I would not be shocked if they were not behind the murder of an innocent man. We are talking about people like the Clinton’s. These folks are not governed by principles; they do what it takes to win. Lie, steal, take the lives of innocent people–it is all on the table. I’m no detective but it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to find out who is paying for the bricks. Grand Maw Ivy needed to resign. She is too old. We need to talk Arthur in to running for Governor.

VBS van will leave each evening at 5:15 on the money. Have the kids here at 5:14. We are going to try to get them all on one van but we will take both if we need them. It is required that at least one parent, grand parent, aunt, or guardian be there on Wednesday night for the short program and water slide and picnic. I do not mind bringing them home Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night.

If it is true that the virus doesn’t like humidity, it is in trouble. I took my shower when I got home from the Point and then Holly asked me to put up a trampoline for Chloe. When in 15 minutes, I was soaking wet with sweat. Big Mama says it will be worse today. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading the blog.

By the way, Jason said no to helping me transport the kids to VBS. He said anything short of a physical manifestation of Jesus telling him to do it that I could forget it.

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