Hold On To Your Integrity


Then his wife said to him, “Are you still holding firmly to your integrity? Curse God, and die!”

~Job 2:9, NET


Take no one seriously but God, and the first person you have to leave verily alone as being the greatest fraud you have ever known, is yourself.

Oswald Chambers

Integrity is the quality or state of completeness, it is to be sound, unimpaired, firm and incorruptible. Next to Jesus, Job has as much integrity as anyone in the Bible. I love the book of Job. I am not very high on his wife but I admire Job. His friends tries to get him to confess sin that he had not been convicted of committing and Job refused to do so. It would have gotten them off his back but Job was so honest, so true to himself that he would not confess to something just to please them. Integrity means we have it all together. Job had it, his friends did not and yet his friends thought it was the other way around. Pride does not recognize itself. The person who admits that they don’t have it all together has much more integrity than the person who pretends to have it all together. My grand kids use the phrase “I’m good” often. I will ask them if they need something and they say, “No granddaddy, I’m good.” It is not a pride thing for them, but their way of stating their contentless. Adults don’t use the same term but that have the same attitude, “I’m good.” This means they don’t need help; they have it all together.

There is only one problem: the Bible says the opposite. The Bible teaches us that no one is good except God and that we are all flawed and struggle with integrity. If you live with a person or know a person who never apologizes for anything, never confesses anything, and never makes themselves vulnerable to anyone, it is because they lack integrity. They are not being honest with themselves or with God. I am convinced that it is our lack of integrity that keeps us from having REVIVAL. It will most certainly keep us from getting to know others and others getting to know us.


Well the weather forecasters missed it again and I am thrilled. It will be warmer than they predicted, about 10 degrees warmer and I am OK with 60 rather than 50. Now I think they are predicting a pretty day for THANKSGIVING. They had been giving rain.

GRACE POINT: Remember Pie and Praise tonight at 6:00.

GOOD NEWS: Lincoln is out of the hospital and back at the Ronald McDonald House.

There will be a blog tomorrow LORD willing and then we will be off until next Monday.

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