In A Quandary


Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

~Hebrews 13:2, NIV


Well done is better than well said.

~Benjamin Franklin

I’m very uncomfortable in a quandary, a state of perplexity or uncertainty, when I have no real clue as to what I am to do–it is a real dilemma. It happened to me Monday evening as I was driving back from Athens on the Mooresville road. I came to the four way stop at Peete’s Corner and to my left there was the most pitiful woman I’ve ever seen; she was almost bent double and yet some how lifted her head to where she could see the landscape. She was holding a sign made of cardboard and I could not make out the writing. Peete’s Corner is a busy place at 4:30 in the evening and there was traffic between she and myself. I was in squeak and pulling the trailer, I could have pulled in the ditch but I was pressed by the traffic and I went on. There is no section road on the east side of Mooresville and no place to turn around without going half way to Huntsville. So I did what I’ve done more times than I care to remember, I kept going.

What’s the dilemma? Ninety nine times out of a hundred, in our area of the country, beggars are on some from of substance; either alcohol or other drugs. At least that is what I told myself but do I know for a fact this woman was on drugs? NO! I do know that we are not helping addicts when we give them money but I do not know that she was an addict. Jesus could see hearts, I can’t and I honestly did not know what to do. I know what I did in the old days, I gave money to ease my conscience. I could have given that woman some money and would have been glad to do it but I do not want to enable a destructive habit.

You have probably guessed what went through my mind: that could very well have been my own flesh and blood standing there pitifully begging for money. Take my word for it; addict will beg–they will also lie, cheat, and steal to get their next fix. Once you sink into the mire of drug addiction, their is no dignity and no self-respect. The one thing you can say about an addict–they are focused but not on family, friends, or help. Their single focus is drugs and more drugs and what they get never satisfies them; they always want more. Was I wrong or right Monday evening? Should I have stopped or kept going? I don’t know and you don’t know: only God knows.

Where are those global warmers? Old Ben Franklin said, “We are all born ignorant but you have to work at staying stupid.” Al and his global warming buddies are hard workers. We got tomatoes and flowers that have to be covered this weekend for the predicted frost and on Mother’s Day of all days.

Be thankful we don’t live in Virginia or Michigan where people are forced to wear mask. I’m just going to be honest, the mask spook me. I saw a man yesterday driving on 31 with his windows up and wearing a mask. I hope he realizes that he will be wearing it for life if he destroys his immune system. June is an avid fan of Rick and Bubba and they are coming down hard on the restrictions. Ivy is too old to be our governor. We need someone the age of my children. We need to talk Arthur in to running or maybe Jerry Allen.

LORD willing I will be going live later today and possibly for the last time; at least here at 1120 Iron Man or should I say the Moulton Speedway or Lawrence County Turnpike. I think we will stay with Drive-in Church on Sunday morning for awhile, at least the next two Sundays but we may go inside next Wednesday. We have some who are comfortable interacting and some who are not: this way they will have a choice.

Have a great day.

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