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The son of Melea, the son of Menna, the son of Mattatha, the son of Nathan, the son of David.

~Luke 3:31, NIV


Ignorance of our ignorance is the worse ignorance.


Sometimes my ignorance amazes me. I knew that Luke’s genealogy was different from Matthew but I had to brush up on David and Bathsheba’s sons. Matthew was writing to Jews and from the Jewish mind set. Luke was a Gentile writing to Gentiles and thank God for him. I appreciate him more everyday. He wrote more of the NT than anyone other than Paul and some seem to think he may be connected to Hebrews which makes sense to me. It’s just hard for me to believe that a first century Jew wrote Hebrews. Whoever wrote Hebrews had made a clean break from Judaism. Luke traced Jesus genealogy through Mary’s descendants. It was Mary’s blood coursing through Jesus veins. So the family tree does not go through Solomon, the favorite son but Nathan his older brother. There was a prophet named Nathan but these two are not to be confused: yet we are told by scholars that Nathan the son was a prophet.

The thing about being a senior adult is that we love to learn but we have a problem remembering what we’ve learned. As I researched this last night, I was appalled at either my ignorance or loss of memory. David and Bathsheba had five sons and we have no clue how many daughters–daughters didn’t count in those days. The first son died as an infant and was never named as far as we know, then there was Shimea, Shobab, Nathan and Solomon. Of course Solomon was a teenager when he became the king but evidently it did not upset Nathan who was older and as it turns out, a better man. Just an interesting thought: sometime those who get all the fame and fortune are not necessarily the greatest in the kingdom of God. With what I know, I would prefer to be Nathan.

The Lord enabled me to get a project done yesterday and I praise Him. I got in done just in time, I think rain is on the way.

LORD willing, I am taking a grandson to Wallace today. He want to see some dunks.

Good news for conservatives! One of our beautiful young ladies from Grace Point wore her Trump 2020 shirt to the hockey game. Made me want to go back home and put mine on. Then Ryder asked his mom if he had a Trump shirt; he wanted to wear one to Wallace. Hey, I like what I am seeing in these young people.

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