Looking For A City


Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.

~Hebrews 11:10, NLT


Faith must be active if it is to be visible: passive faith is an abstraction.

~Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

I am a country boy, no doubt about it. One of the city preachers told me last Monday, “When I first met you I thought to myself, he is too country to come to town.” I don’t know that he was complimenting me but it doesn’t matter, I did not take offense. I am not embarrassed to be a county boy. There is no doubt in my mind that when I am promoted, June will get a town house near Krogers but I prefer the country for obvious reasons, and I will not mention them all, but for starters, I love to garden and I really love my tractors. It would be hard to keep four tractors if I lived in a city.

Abraham was a country boy: let them make fun of him. He was more country than myself because he did not even live in a house. Abraham loved to camp so he lived in a tent. He never got tied down to one particular spot; he camped all over Palestine. There were cities in his day but none that attracted him. Sodom seduced his nephew but Abraham was not impressed. So why does the writer of Hebrews say that he was looking for a city? I have given this question some thought and here is what I think.

Abraham was not looking for just any city; he was looking for the ideal city. Cities have lights [lots of lights] and we believers love light much more than we do darkness. The power outage that came with the storm a few years ago revealed something to me: I LOVE LIGHT. I go through the house cutting lights on and June comes behind me and cuts them off–she is like a mold or a cat, she can see in the darkness, I can’t. I love the bright lights of a city, even a small one like Hartselle. I love my space here in the country but where do I go when I need food? Where do I go when I need medical attention? Where are the grocery stores, the doctors, the hospitals and the Cracker Barrels? Cities are filled with lights, people, and resources.

Abraham was not looking for just any city. He certainly was not looking for a New York or L.A. He was looking for a city where Jesus is the Mayor; a perfect city {no crime} and a glorious city {no evil}. A city where there is no poverty or pain. A city were God is honored and the citizens all love one another.

June is a Hallmark Christmas Movie buff and many of them are filmed in NY city. For the pass few years she has wanted to visit the city between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Right now New York City is in a mess. The recent shut-down wiped out two thirds of their small businessmen. Many of the down town shops and restaurants were run by small business. Policemen are retiring and resigning. I have no desire to visit NY city. In my opinion, it would be unwise and unsafe. Let’s dream for a moment. What if NY city had a Christ-like mayor. What if there was no crime, no slums, poverty and every one loved each other. With all the city’s history and attractions, that would make New York city irresistible.

Big Sister has us a canoe trip planned for today. She does this every year for my birthday. I will be 17 next Saturday. We are going to Flat Wood, Tennessee. Josie is my partner: I got off light this year.

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