Make Me A Blessing


Happy are those who are strong in the Lord, who want above all else to follow Your steps.

~Psalm 84:5, TLB


Quiet minds cannot be easily perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune, like a clock in a thunderstorm.

~Robert Louis Stevenson

I love the Psalms, I read them daily and I love reading them in Dr. Taylor’s paraphrase known as the LIVING BIBLE. I open and read, then God begins to speak–I love it! Psalm 84 is about the Valley of Tears or Weeping. We do not need to waste our sorrows; it is bad stewardship. We learn during the hard times and it is during these hard times that we dig a few more wells or cisterns. The Pilgrims who dug these tiny cisterns in the valley of Baca didn’t get water from them but the pilgrims following them did refresh themselves from these pools. To be the kind of person others can lean on, we need to be strong.

Judah is a dry and arid place; rain is as scarce at hens teeth. The Jews were good at digging these tiny wells or cisterns. These holes in the ground became reservoirs for the rain water. The moral of the story is dig a well when you get stuck in a bad situation; you may not profit from it but someone coming along behind will. Ministry is therapeutic; when we focus on the needs of others it seems to diminish our problems. Try refreshing someone else today: maybe a prayer, a word of encouragement or a kind deed. We are blessed when we bless others.

Someone Sent Me this open letter yesterday…the man speaks for me…

As grim as Covid19 is portrayed under the most drastic scenario, I dare say that we are facing a much more serious pandemic here in America. We are currently in the midst of the nation’s first political pandemic. Never before in the history of America has ignorance and bigotry been more celebrated. Never before has our government been more eager and willing to take away freedoms from the citizenry. Never before has the citizenry been more willing to give them up. Benjamin Franklin warned that “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”. I believe his warning is as applicable today as it ever was. Some will say that these safety measures have not impacted individual liberty. To them I would quip Thomas Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” The right to move about freely in public is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. In a panicked frenzy, created by the media, state and local governments trampled that right wholesale. History will not judge us kindly for our actions over the past several months. In closing, where would America be if our ancestors that pioneered the countryside, facing a mortality rate that would make the coronavirus look like a scratch, had simply given up, turned back, or laid down and died out of fear? Where would America be if its brave service men and women, who throughout history have on occasion faced odds of almost certain death, simply refused to fight out of fear? When did we stop being the land of the free and the home of the brave? Take charge of your own life. Nobody owes you anything. The government has never been more ill equipped to solve your problems nor is it its function to do so. This is America! Stand up and be somebody! Be brave and live free.

Mayor Bryce Hamblin Town of Eagar, Arizona.

I have said all along, and I am more convinced now than ever, the Covid-19 thing is politically motivated. It is basically the flu and not the Black Plague. Everything about has been exaggerated. I don’t believe anything they say. I can live without going to Huntsville. I am bound and determined not to wear a mask until I think it is necessary. Only six new cases in Morgan County and we don’t even know if they are real. This is proof that the anti-Christ will not have any problem deceiving people: we are gullible and fearful; easily duped.

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