Make My Sins Known


How many are my iniquities and my sins? Make me know my transgression and my sin.

~Job 13:23, NRSV


You are not spiritually mature if you have high regard for your self.

~Charles H. Spurgeon

I love the book and the character of Job. I love the way the NRSV translates Job 13:23, “Make me know my transgressions.” There are some definite disadvantages to growing old–your teeth falling out is one of them– but there are also advantages. God’s grace becomes more and more evident with age. We begin to realize that everything is a gift and that God is working in us and through us to accomplish His purpose. He uses circumstances, especially difficult ones to teach us His ways and to help us understand more fully our sin and depravity and His love and mercy. But a big part of this maturation process is the revelation of our sins. We humans are so prone to sin that we sin without thinking. I do not mean that all our sins are thoughtless acts of ignorance because we are also prone to self-will and rebellion also. Of course, we know when we rebel but we commit other sins that we are not aware of. I am convinced that only God knows our motives. Many times we do good things for the wrong reason and it is the impure motive that corrupts our good deeds and makes them vile acts of sin.

A huge part of our sanctification is God getting us acquainted with the true self. Scripture is the divine mirror and it very helpful but we also need the help of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth can reveal us to us or in my case, me to me. A part from God making your true self known to you; you will never come close to understanding your depravity. I can honestly say with David in Psalm 55 that I am vexed by the clamour of the wicked. This anti-Christ world system makes me long for the wings of a dove so I could rise above all the hate and strife BUT that certainly does not mean that I am free of sin. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more God makes my sin known to me. I know people probably think I hate gays, abortionist, drug addicts and democrats but I don’t really hate anyone. I do hate their sin and their rebellion against Christ but I spend much more time hating my own sins than I do theirs. I doubt that you can imagine just how much I hate Jack’s sin. I don’t mean to sound indifferent to the sins of others but my deepest concern is my sin. The fact that I will not have to account for the sins of others may be a factor, I don’t know. I do know one thing: I have absolutely no right to be proud or even to entertain a thought that I am better than any one else. I know something else; I am totally dependant on Jesus. He is the only hope I have. If salvation is not of grace, I don’t have a prayer.

I see a lot of new words in the Revised English Bible. In Job 8:14, I came across the word “Gossamar.” It is a cobweb spun by a small spider, usually in the fall of the year.

I don’t know where she got the story but June was telling me about a man who worked in a funeral home. He had worked 16 straight hours and was exhausted so he laid down on one of the gurney’s and went to sleep. Another worker who was new and did not know him thought that he was dead and waiting for cremation so he lit the furnace and put the man in: someone else heard the man scream but it was too late to get him out. I think this happened somewhere in Alabama. I’m glad I don’t work at a funeral home.

More rain today and cooler weather on the way. Personally, I had rather have the rain than the 20 degree nights but I’m not in charge and that is a good thing.

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