Though I have searched repeatedly, I have not found what I was looking for. Only one out of a thousand men is virtuous, but not oneĀ woman!

~Ecclesiastes 7:28, NLT


There is one thing better than a telephone and that is tell-a-woman.

~David {LM} Wood

In reading F.F. Bruce commentary on Romans, I came across this word ‘misogynistic’ and of course, I did not have a clue as to what it meant so I googled it and it means to be strongly prejudiced against women. Do you think Solomon was just a bit misogynistic? He had a thousand wives and not a one of them was virtuous; not according to him. The irony is: I had just completed a sermon {day before} on David and Bathsheba. Everyone blames David for this sordid affair but does all the blame go on David? I am about to share some trade secrets that women do not want you knowing.

Women are always ahead of men. I’m not just talking about maturity, I am talking about thought processes. Men think through their anatomy: women do not. In most cases men just don’t think, they fly by the seat of their pants. Women muse, they think, they plan, they calculate and they may even connive. The woman you keep bumping into at the water fountain; it is not a coincident or an accident; she knows when you are thirsty. She is playing you like a five string banjo. Bathsheba in probably in her late teens or early twenties and David is fifty plus. His seven story penthouse is right above her courtyard. She knows when the king is home because he has the habit of taking roof top walks in the evening. So she baths in the nude right below him. Women know that men are visually stimulated and she did the stimulating. The average man will not make any advance on a woman unless she gives him the vibes. Remember, there are exceptions; women are the victims of rape but I do not believe David raped Bathsheba. I believe both were guilty and that is was consensual.

Just apply common sense; had David forced himself upon Bathsheba, she would have been deeply resentful. I have never known a victim of rape to fall in love with the one that raped them. The last thing a woman in that situation would do would be to contact the rapist and tell him he is the father of her child. It is not rocket science, most women would rather be married to the king than a staff sergeant. I could be wrong but the chances are slim. Women have a gift at concealing their ambition. I believe it was her dream to have her own son sit on the throne.

Now am I prejudice against women are just honest? I blame them both. She had no business bathing in the nude in a open courtyard and he had no business pursuing his lust. With Bathsheba it was pure ambition and with David it was lust: both were wrong but she was one step ahead of him throughout the entire process. As I stated above–Women are smarter than men. How could I be prejudice?

I gave David credit for the quote but that is an old 40 year old joke back in the day of the telephone–way before social media. I heard a preacher use it in Chapel one day and the crowd roared with laughter but it was an all male crowd. I tried it the next Sunday from the pulpit and there was no roar of laughter. To make matters worse, I then scolded the men for being hen pecked and afraid to laugh at my joke. I never used that one again. Of course it is out of date but I would not recommend it anyway.

I mentioned the article, Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance, by Heather MacDonald…here is the link…

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