Mob Mentality


Hide me from the plots of this evilĀ mob, from this gang of wrongdoers.

~Psalm 64:2, NLT


A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb.

~Ben Franklin

A democracy, which we do not have because our found fathers knew better, is nothing more than mob rule according to Thomas Jefferson who had more brains in his little finger than the democrats have collectively in their skulls. As Ben Franklin said, “We have a REPUBLIC if we can keep it.” A REPUBLIC is ruled by law and these laws cannot be changed on a whim of the majority. That governing LAW is the CONSTITUTION and the democrats hate it. They hate the REPUBLIC for which we stand. Since the days of John Dewey, the father of education {yeah right}, we have been teaching school children that they live in a democracy. It is a lie out of hell, just like evolution. There is one thing worse than bad government and that is ANARCHY. Who in their right mind would promote anarchy in these United States?

What we are seeing today is MOB MENTALITY and not just in the streets of big cities, we see it in the halls of congress. Mob mentality is RULE OR RUIN. You may find this hard to believe, but the left {democrats} hate the Republic, the constitution and Trump so much that they are willing to destroy the country. The virus itself is not a hoax but the hoax is how it is being perpetuated: this gross mishandling by the health and education departments is an attempt to get Donald Trump out of the White House. It has nothing to do with the safety of children or the American public. The Washington elites, the Obama’s, Clinton’s, the rich Jews like Bloomberg and Sorros don’t give a rip about your health or mine. They have one thing on their agenda–“Destroy Donald Trump no matter what the cost.” Get real folks, you are not going to stop a virus. Have we ever stopped the flu? Yes some precautions needed to take place and the president took those precautions but then the parasitic bureaucrats stepped in and we had insanity since. All they have accomplished is shut-down education, which is fine by me, cripple the economy and delay the inevitable. At some point the virus has to go through the population and they know it. It is absolutely unbelievable that these Washington elites are applauding the destruction caused by the mobs. The mayors have practically sent out invitations–“come loot our city, there will be nothing to stop you.”

Let’s close with some thoughts from David and Psalm 64. The people in Washington who are pulling the strings, plotting and scheming to over throw the Republic think they will never be found out but their evil will be brought to the light. David said, “They keep a sharp lookout for opportunities to commit crimes. They spend hours with all their evil thoughts and plans. But God will bring them down suddenly.”

Thanks for reading the Blog. Hope you have a great day. God save our president and long live the REPUBLIC.

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